In Focus: KNIPEX Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers, No. 87 00 100

Oct. 1, 2020
Features a compact design and measures 4” in length to fit in tight areas.

The KNIPEX Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers, No. 87 00 100, features a compact design that is just under 4" in length. The Cobra XS is fully functional and offers many of the same features found in other pliers within the Cobra series. These features include self-locking abilities on pipes and nuts for reduced hand-force and no slipping, jaw geometry, hardened teeth, pinch guard, and a one-handed adjustment for fitting various work piece sizes quickly and easily. In addition, the Cobra XS offers a secure gripping capacity up to 1", a slim-head design, textured handles, and 11 adjustment positions that can be selected with one hand by sliding a handle.


The KNIPEX Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers can be used for any application where gripping an object 1” or smaller is needed.

Features and Benefits

• Measures 4” in length

• Up to 1” capacity

• Compact design and slim head

• Fits in a technician’s pocket

• Box-joint design for high stability and gripping surfaces

• Special hardened teeth

• 11 adjustment positions for the ideal fit

Selling Points

• Able to make one-handed adjustments

• Works as well as the standard Cobra Pump Pliers

• Quick and easy to use with no push button to press


KNIPEX developed this product in response to end users looking for smaller pump pliers thin enough to fit into tight areas. They reengineered the adjustment position, removing the push button to make the tool not only thinner, but also faster to adjust with one hand. Additionally, KNIPEX incorporated key features from the standard Cobra Pump Pliers including special hardened teeth, pinch guard, self-locking jaws, and 11 adjustment positions.

Manufacturing/Engineering Specifications

The Cobra XS pliers are made in Germany from special German steel. They weigh .14 lbs.

Storage and Display

The pliers are available in one-piece red and white boxes as a bulk tool or in a retail-friendly clamshell.


To watch a video demonstration of this product, visit:

Suggested Retail Price


For More Information

Peter Grable, Product Manager

847-398-8520 x508

[email protected]

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