In Focus: Bosch ADS 525X Diagnostic Scan Tool

Oct. 1, 2020
Offers flexible software subscriptions to allow technicians to pay for only what they need.
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The Bosch ADS 525X Diagnostic Scan Tool features flexible software subscriptions, OE-level vehicle coverage, live data access, long battery life, and complete bidirectional functions. With its Quick-Scan capabilities, the ADS 525X can perform all-systems DTC scans under 60 seconds on average, with complete scans taking 30 seconds or less for many vehicles makes and models. The tool offers full OE-approved service vehicle access, allowing users to unlock the FCA Secure Gateway Module (SGW) found in late-model vehicles seamlessly. It is also J2534-compliant VCI for factory programming with an OE subscription and PC. In addition, the scan tool offers up to 14 hours of battery life, weeks of standby time, and a wireless VCI for technicians to move throughout the bay.


The Bosch ADS 525X Diagnostic Scan Tool is designed to help technicians diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues across the most popular vehicle makes and models. The scan tool offers support by diagnosing vehicles through its fast full system scans; full system code coverage of domestic, Asian, and European vehicle systems and test functions; and its latest software technology that is customizable to provide technicians exactly what they need.

Features and Benefits

  • Performs all-systems diagnostic trouble code (DTC) scans under 60 seconds on average and complete scans in 30 seconds or less.
  • OE-approved service vehicle access.
  • J2534-compliant VCI for factory programming with an OE and PC.
  • Able to upgrade or downgrade Enhanced subscription at any time.
  • LCD high definition display is ideal for both indoors and brightly lit outdoor environments.

Selling Points

  • Advanced OE-level vehicle coverage.
  • Flexible software subscriptions.
  • FCA Secure Gateway Module access.
  • All new hardware utilizing Android 9OS or higher.
  • Compatible with other wireless repair tools by Bosch such as tire pressure monitoring systems, battery testers, and circuit analyzers.
  • Offers 14 hours of uninterrupted battery life.
  • Backed by Bosch Diagnostics lifetime warranty with active subscription.


Bosch saw an opportunity to introduce a new platform within its diagnostic portfolio, one to include enhanced capabilities and flexibility at an affordable price. According to the company, the ADS 525X is the beginning of the next generation of Bosch scan tools. Designed to help technicians resolve issues in an extensive range of vehicles, the ADS 525X is equipped with Quick-Scan capabilities, 100 percent OE-approved service vehicle access, and the flexibility for technicians to pay only for the information they need.

Manufacturing/Engineering Specifications

The ADS 525X is manufactured in the U.S.A. With its ergonomic design, the scan tool is lightweight and easily portable. It also offers an improved battery life, allowing for 14 hours of onscreen usage.

Storage and Display

Every order includes the ADS 525X scan tool, wireless VCI and power supply, 5’ OBD-II cable with battery voltage display, table power supply (2’ and 6’), and a carrying case. All orders are shipped individually in a white box with an image of the product and a label detailing the scan tool’s capabilities in three languages (English, French, and Spanish).


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