In Focus: PRO-LOGIX 12/24V Wheeled Battery Charger from SOLAR

Sept. 3, 2020
The wheeled battery charger is an all-around battery service tool that provides a variety of functions in a single unit.
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The Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX 12/24V Wheeled Battery Charger, No. PL3760, provides three operational modes for comprehensive service: auto charging mode, stable power mode, and engine start assistance mode. The auto charging mode utilizes a microprocessor-controlled process to deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced. The PL3760 features multiple charge rates for versatile fleet service: 60/40/10A 12V rates and 20/10A 24V rates. Stable power mode maintains vehicle system voltage at the desired level to support a variety of diagnostic, repair, and reprogramming applications. Engine start assistance mode provides extra amperage to start vehicles with dead batteries or other starting problems caused by a lack of power. 


The PL3760 is an all-around battery service tool for busy shops, providing a variety of functions in a single unit. It delivers three separate functions: battery charging; engine starting and power supply delivery for reprogramming, diagnosis, and repair; and maintenance tasks.

Features and benefits 

  • Multiple 12V and 24V charge rates for charging versatility
  • Max charge rate of 60A in 12V mode for speedy service
  • 250A 12V engine starting assistance to start disabled vehicles
  • 60A power supply mode for reprogramming support
  • Heavy duty parrot-style clamps provide ideal power transfer to the serviced vehicle

Selling Points

  • Delivers 60A for 15 minutes (switching to 40A) to quickly bring large batteries back to charge
  • Delivers 40A continuously, and indefinitely as needed, for quick service of all battery sizes
  • Delivers 10A continuously, and indefinitely as needed, to service smaller batteries
  • Able to manage dead batteries (0.0V)
  • Sturdy steel frame and metal construction stand up to harsh shop environments   
  • Easy-to-use interface with smart display feedback   


The company developed this unit to address the market need for a versatile, precise, high power wheel charger able to meet the different battery service tasks seen daily in shops. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications 

The PL3760 is ETL-approved to meet the UL1236 Battery Charging standard and all FCC requirements for high-frequency devices. It features a heavy duty steel construction and 72” output cables. It delivers a precise, controlled charging routine from its microprocessor-controlled architecture. It also meets all North American energy efficiency requirements.

Storage and display 

This item is shipped as a single unit, double-boxed for protection. The inner carton has selling graphics, and the company suggests storing it in a prominent location on the floor.

Suggested retail price


For more information 

Contact Clore Automotive 

Phone: 800-328-2921


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