In Focus: Oasis Scientific Vividia Joystick Articulation Borescope

May 12, 2020
Features full 360-degree all-way articulation controlled by a joystick.

The Oasis Scientific Vividia Joystick Articulation Borescope, No. ME-610, is designed for automotive and industrial inspection and diagnostics. The tool offers a 1m long, 6mm diameter probe with 360-degree all-way articulation controlled by a joystick. The camera is equipped with a sapphire protective lens that is impact-, fall-, and scratch-resistant. The probe is made from titanium alloy with high wear resistance. The camera probe and insertion tube are waterproof IP67 rated. Vividia ME-610 provides high quality clear images with high illuminance LED lights. The resolution is 1280 x 720. With 8GB mini SD card installed on monitor, the user can take pictures and record videos.


The Vividia ME-610 Joystick Articulation Borescope allows technicians to look inside automotive engines without having to take them apart, as well as inspect A/C systems, brakes, exhaust pipes, and transmission assemblies. Pictures and videos can be stored and shared.

Features and benefits

• One of the best values for a full articulation borescope, according to the company. 

• Small diameter and durable probe for greater access to hard-to-reach areas.

• Full 360-degree joystick articulation to view in all directions and 180-degree bending back probe.

• 3.5” LCD screen for live preview during inspection.

• Tungsten braided layer for wear and tear protection.

• Exchangeable probe is waterproof and oil-proof.

Selling points

• Heavy duty for an automotive repair environment.

• Enables one-handed operation.

• Offers high definition videos and photos.

• Bright LEDs to see in dark  enclosures.


An automotive engineer came to Oasis Scientific looking for a camera that was easy to use, durable, fully articulating, and provided a high-quality image to see the valves in automotive engines through the spark plug hole. After several generations of product designs and trials, Oasis Scientific developed the ME-610, achieving the ability to steer a small camera smoothly in all directions by using a joystick.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

• Camera diameter is 6mm.

• Probe measures 1m in length.

• Focus depth of 5mm to 1,000mm.

• Six dimmable LEDs.

• Tool weight of 1 lb with batteries.

Storage and display

The product is packaged in a heavy duty hardshelltool case, one unit per package. The company suggests displaying this product in the videoscope and diagnostic section on the truck.


Suggested retail price


For more information

Courtland West

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