In Focus: Cal-Van Tools Wi-Fi Borescope, No. 84

Sept. 3, 2019
The Wi-Fi Borescope uses a compact, high-resolution, multiple-aspect camera (up to 1080p) and adjustable LED lighting to give technicians different views without teardown.

The Cal-Van Tools Wi-Fi Borescope, No. 84, uses a compact, high-resolution, multiple-aspect camera (up to 1080p) and adjustable LED lighting to give technicians different views without teardown. With the long 36” bendable cable and camera - both IP67 rated - users can access areas without needing to drain the fluid. The camera's 5.5mm diameter also allows access to tight areas. The borescope is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has an independent Wi-Fi signal up to 30’ that allows users to work wirelessly during the inspection. It comes with additional inspection accessories including a viewing mirror, recovery hook, and magnet.


The Wi-Fi Borescope can be used in any scenario where the user needs to inspect an area they cannot view by any other means. An auto technician can insert the Wi-Fi Borescope into a spark plug port and inspect the combustion chamber. Cooling system-related inspections are also possible thanks to the camera and cable’s waterproof design, which protects the borescope from coolant.

Selling Points

  • Opportunity to offer customers an inexpensive entry into internal/remote inspection technology.
  • Cost-effective alternative to similar technology. 
  • No need to cross-sell other components, as it is packaged with multiple accessories and only needs a smartphone for full operation. 
  • Compact packaging for minimizing space needed to stock this item; ideal for mobile distributors.

Features and benefits

  • High-resolution, multiple aspect camera (1920x1080, 1280x720, and 640x480) with adjustable LED lighting.
  • With an independent Wi-Fi signal (approximate range is 30'), there’s no need to be connected to a computer.
  • Mobile app for both Android (2.3 and up) and IOS (6.0 and up) devices give users options: image capture, video recording, and album storage.
  • Lens and cable are IP67 certified, dust-proof, and waterproof in up to 3' of water for up to 30 minutes. (Transmitter is not rated.)
  • Long, bendable cable (36") is flexible yet rigid enough to give users access into hard-to-view areas.
  • Compact camera is only 5.5mm in diameter by 35mm in length, allowing user greater access.


According to the company, Cal-Van wanted to offer customers the opportunity to find their way to owning this type of technology without having to over-spend. Technicians have always had limited access to components, with the only option being teardown. Solutions have found their way into the marketplace, but at a premium not everyone is ready to invest.

Manufacturing specs 

The Wi-Fi Borescope is made in China and has packaged dimensions of 4.61" X 4.04" X 2.08", and weighs 0.05 lbs. The tool has a plastic transmitter with a rechargeable lithium battery, a flexible and sealed cable, a sealed and machined alloy camera housing, six LEDs under the glass, and a sealed camera lens. It also includes three machined alloy attachments.

Storage and display 

Each device is packed in a cardboard box and a full-color sleeve and sold individually. Suggested placement is alongside other diagnostic tools.


Cal-Van suggests the salesperson have the app on their phone and connected to a Wi-Fi Borescope to quickly demonstrate the picture quality.

Suggested retail


For more information 

Cal-Van Tools


[email protected]

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