In Focus: Mueller-Kueps Hydraulic Twin/Triple Leg Puller System, No. 650 700

Sept. 3, 2019
The Hydraulic Puller is designed to help remove all kinds of shaft fitted parts such as bushings, bearings, and more.

The Mueller-Kueps Hydraulic Puller System, No. 650 700, is designed for removing shaft-fitted parts such as bushing, wheels, bearings, gears, and pulleys. This tool can be used as a two or three leg puller with a self-locking principle. When the user turns the spindle, the hydraulic power forces the legs to close (or lock). The company offers different extensions and leg lengths to give users a wider range of pulling options. The forged steel legs provide improved stiffness to help produce more pulling forces. With just two fingers, users can manually tighten the tool, and the compact design will deliver eight tons of hydraulic ram, the company says. 


The Hydraulic Puller is designed to help remove all kinds of shaft fitted parts such as bushings, bearings, and more.

Selling points

  • Eight tons of manual hydraulic RAM
  • Self-gripping principle to reduce the chance of the tool slipping.
  • It can be used as a twin or triple leg puller, giving more options to the customer.
  • More jaw lengths are available separately, allowing for a wider range of options.

Features and benefits

  • With two fingers users can manually tighten the tool and the compact design will deliver 8-tons of hydraulic ram.
  • The forged steel of the legs provides maximum stiffness and can produce more pulling force.
  • Features a self-gripping principle, which means the more you turn the more force is exerted on the clamps. In turn, this pushes down the head assembly which then forces the jaws closed.
  • Using this puller system extends the life of the bearings, says the company.


At Mueller-Kueps there was a need for a tool with more power that was still able to be used by hand. Another problem was that tools were slipping while being used, so the self-gripping principle was developed.

Manufacturing specs 

This tool is made from forged steel and includes a hydraulic spindle. It provides a total of eight tons of hydraulic RAM and has a total weight of 10 lbs.

Storage and display

The tool is shipped in a carbon foam inlay with a cardboard overbox. It displays best laying down in its foam, as it is heavy and can fall out if placed standing up.

Suggested retail price


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