Sales Tip: There's no 'right way' to sell tools

May 24, 2019
Sales technique, sound business practices, and personality all look very differently on different people.

There’s much more to a tool sale than price, and most mobile dealers know it. In fact, the service backing each and every tool sale speaks for itself. Above average service keeps customers coming back week after week and year after year, not just for the tool, but for the expertise, warranty and relationship that comes along with it.

For Gene Bowers, independent dealer based in Paris, Tennessee, its about going the extra mile. Bowers traverses eight counties and puts on 600 miles a week to stay profitable. But you won't hear him complain. Instead, he's more concerned with providing solutions. Bowers noted, "I'm trying to bring the newest product to them before they can find it online. I remind them that I am their warranty and I am their banker. If you're buying online, you're paying 100 percent up-front, and you have to stop what you're doing [working on vehicles] and sit on the phone with the warranty department." 

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