Sales Tip: Some side thoughts for successful selling

May 15, 2019
Learn how to honor objections and how to answer them when you don't want to.

Honor their objections

What do you do when someone comes up with a really odd objection? I know that inside your head you may be screaming “That is the dumbest question I ever heard!” But outwardly you must answer with a smile and a calm logical explanation. Honor their objection with a “That’s a great question” or “I never thought of that” and then politely give them an answer. No one wants to feel their question is stupid, even if it really is.

Answering an objection when you don’t want to

If a prospect has a question or objection that you are going to cover later in your presentation, simply say “That is a good question, which I will be covering later in my presentation.” This way you honor their question but you keep your presentation on track so you do a great job.

Now... go sell something!

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