In Focus: Mighty-Seven 1/2" Drive EZ Grease Series Impact Wrenches

May 2, 2019
The Mighty-Seven 1/2" Drive EZ Grease Series Impact Wrenches are designed to be easy to maintain for the end user.

The Mighty-Seven 1/2" Drive EZ Grease Series Impact Wrenches are designed with an innovative "EZ" self-service maintenance method, according to the company. The patented greasable anvil allows users to add grease, helping to prolong the tool's life, decrease loss of power and help shorten down-time. Each model within the EZ grease series comes with pneumatic grease, an easy-to-use applicator and operating instructions. The patented EZ Grease series from Mighty-Seven comes with three models to choose from:

  • NC-4650HB, 1/2" Drive Impact wrench/patent grease filled anvil 650 ft-lb
  • NC-4233QHB, 1/2" Drive Impact wrench/patent grease filled anvil 850 ft-lb
  • NC-4255QHB, 1/2" Drive Impact wrench/patent grease filled anvil 1200 ft-lb


The Mighty-Seven 1/2" Drive EZ Grease Series Impact Wrenches provide users with a solution to inject grease directly into key components where impact power is generated. An easy-to-self-service tool helps ensure longevity and better performance.  

Features and benefits

An innovative design allows tool owners to maintain tool performance and prolong wear and tear on internal components, while decreasing vibration and providing a smooth and consistent operation.  

Selling points

  • An innovative design makes the tool easier to service, according to the company.
  • The EZ grease series comes with a three-year warranty.
  • The new patented EZ grease systems are designed to extend the life and power of the tool.


Mighty-Seven invented the EZ Grease System to provide tool owners with a time-saving and effective method of self-maintenance.  

Manufacturing specs

Mighty-Seven puts a focus on end-user safety with low dBA and low vibration air tools. The company is located in, and all Mighty-Seven products are manufactured in, Taiwan.

Storage and display

This tool is shipped in a cardboard box. It can be shipped as an individual tool, or as a master pack box. Store your Mighty-Seven tool in a dry area or on top of a tool box. For best placement on a truck, remove the tool from its packaging and display on a stand. 

Suggested retail price

  • NC-4650HB: $366.15
  • NC-4233QHB: $401.35
  • NC-4255QHB: $413.17

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