Sales Tip: Take your pitch "off-off Broadway"

March 27, 2019
Solidify your sales presentation before selling to your biggest customers.

If you think about it, a play or musical doesn’t just show up on a Broadway stage. It spends months in smaller towns working out the bugs. Unless you’re a maniac, you don’t start out riding a Harley CVO Limited or a Ducati Monster. You start out smaller on a Sportster sized motorcycle. Even the Beatles spent several years singing in small Liverpool clubs before they hit the big time. Sales is no different.

Start out presenting your new Model OMG Digital Diagnostic Tool to your smaller customers first. These smaller customers will have the same questions and objections as your bigger customers, so make your selling mistakes with them. Solidify your skills so you are answering the common questions in your presentation and covering the primary objections before they come up. After you have stubbed your sales toe a few times you will really get the hang of presenting this new product and be ready for selling at your local mega dealer.

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