In Focus: Thexton Disc-Type (EG) Anti-Freeze Tester

Feb. 4, 2019
This tester helps solve problems with loss of cooling and corrosion effectiveness.

The Thexton Disc-Type (EG) Anti-Freeze Tester, No. 106, is a professional disc-type 16-1/4" tester that is accurate at all temperatures, the company says. This tool tests eythlene glycol-based coolants, hot or cold, including Dex-Cool. The easy to read discs are magnified by a convex design of clear SAN plastic barrel. The tester can read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. A notable feature of this tester is the "6th disc" that shows over protection and a loss of cooling efficiency. Beyond 70 percent anti-freeze, cooling and corrosion effectiveness is reduced. This tester is a one-piece bulb with a neoprene dip tube. 


The Thexton Disc-Type (EG) Anti-Freeze Tester is designed for any type of repair or maintenance that involves coolant, the company says. 

Selling points

  • There is a high demand for testing ethylene glycol-based coolants. 
  • Helps the customer prepare their vehicles for the colder months of the year. 
  • This tool also tests Dex-Cool. 

Features and benefits

  • Allows the user to quickly test the coolant in the vehicle. 
  • Determines whether the coolant needs to be changed, or if it is okay to use, by looking at the specific gravity reading on the clear SAN plastic barrel. 
  • Tester can read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. 
  • The "6th disc" shows over protection and a loss of cooling efficiency. 


Thexton developed this product to help prevent coolant freezing in vehicles over the winter. This products helps solve loss of cooling and corrosion effectiveness. 

Manufacturing specs

This product is made in the USA. It's made of plastic and neoprene, and weighs 0.25 lbs. 

Storage and display

The product is shipped in a box, with 12 units per box. The product itself is specially shrink wrapped to an information card. In the truck, they are designed to be hung on the walls. 

Suggested retail price

$16.99 each

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