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Feb. 4, 2019
Cornwell dealer Dennis Krumpfer focused on comfort and organization in his 2018 Freightliner M2.

Dennis Krumpfer is a Cornwell dealer with a route in New Castle, Colorado. Last June, Krumpfer purchased and designed a 2018 Freightliner M2 20’ wide body truck, with help from Summit Bodyworks.

“After making the big decision to buy new, the only challenge was securing the last available spot, which Chris McHan (of Summit Bodyworks) made happen,"

he says.

This is Krumpfer’s seventh year in the business. He regularly checks in with independent shops, dealerships and state/county shops in Colorado’s Glenwood Springs area., known for its hot springs.

“I have the whole area, what we call the Roaring Fork Valley, which runs from Glenwood Springs to Aspen and Parachute,” says the Cornwell dealer. This is a popular tourist area, where people flock to the Colorado River and surrounding land to raft, hike, fish and go four-wheeling in summer. Winter brings skiers and snowboarders to the region, which also hosts the X-Games. The entire valley is surrounded by mountains.

When planning the M2 design Krumpfer and his team added two display cases and three under-shelf metal drawers. He says at first, he didn’t know what to do with the drawers, but has come to find they are ideal for the small tools his customers order rather than placing these inside a toolbox drawer.

Krumpfer also had a lower rear camera added, which he keeps on at all times. He says that when he’s driving the camera helps him to know what’s behind the truck, and indicates when it’s safe to switch lanes.

Comfort was also a consideration with this investment.

“We changed the propane heat for diesel, which I had in my last truck and absolutely love compared to propane,” Krumpfer says. "You never have to worry about filling the tank and it’s very efficient.” He adds, "I like to run my heat all night long and get into a nice warm truck." The diesel heat keeps the Freightliner's cab warm and prevents snow from piling onto the windshield.

Other amenities added to the truck include an air ride seat, driving lights and XM radio. “Chris [McHan, of Summit Bodyworks] also included a slide-out prybar/long tool holder and the cool Cornwell mat,” Krumpfer says.

A window above an angled desk that faces outwards towards customers completes the overall design of the work truck.

“My new workspace is wonderful,” Krumpfer says. “I have a great view of the customers and everything is right there – from the printer to the fridge and the [customer] exit. The window is just awesome; I have a nice view, light and fresh air.”

Krumpfer says he likes to carry customers' new tool purchases into the shop so others can see the transaction. Even so, the majority of Krumpfer’s customers come out to the truck.

“I try to always have candy, Monsters and jerky,” he says.

“They say a new truck creates more business, and I’d have to agree."

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