In Focus: OEMTOOLS Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator

Oct. 5, 2018
The OEMTOOLS Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator is designed to help technicians safely and effectively complete ball joint separation/replacement jobs.

The OEMTOOLS Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator, No. 25219, provides a safe and effective system to separate ball joints. Equipped with a jaw capacity of 56mm and a hydraulic ram rated to eight tons, this tool is designed to stand up to the hardest jobs, the company says. 


The OEMTOOLS Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator is designed to help technicians safely and effectively complete ball joint separation/replacement jobs. 

Selling points

  • Ball joint replacement is a common job--this tool could benefit any shop, the company says. 
  • As the average age of cars on the road today is increasing, shops will see more and more ball joint replacement jobs, according to the company. 
  • Universal design will fit almost any passenger vehicle. 
  • This tool provides a safer and more efficient way to replace ball joints. 
  • Competitive, low-priced tool. 

Features and benefits

  • Safe for the technician- this tool helps reduce the risk of injury due to hammer strikes, pinch points and projectiles. 
  • This tool utilizes the hydraulic ram and eight-ton rated jaw to apply even pressure to the joint until separation. 
  • This tool will separate ball joints without damaging components. 
  • Functions like a standard ball joint separator, but takes less time and effort to complete the job, according to the company. 
  • Top operate, simply use a ratchet or wrench to rotate the small forcing screw, extending the hydraulic ram from the main forcing screw until pressure is reached to separate the joint. 
  • No hammers or air tools needed. 


OEMTOOLS developed this tool to make ball joint separation easier for technicians, and to reduce the injury and eliminate damage to components. 

Manufacturing specs

The Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator features cast steel construction, a jaw capacity of 56 mm and a jaw width of 22 mm. The tool is rated to eight tons and weighs 4.4 lbs. 

Storage and display

This tool is individually packaged and is shipped in an OEMTOOLS box. There are 12 units per master case. 

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