In Focus: Coats Grip-Max Plus Clamps

May 4, 2018
These clamps help prevent damage to alloy wheels.

The Coats Grip Max Plus Clamps are designed to prevent damage to the rims when servicing alloy wheels. The Grip Max Plus Clamps offer a three-position clamp that allows for adjustments from 6" to 24", covering a wide range of OEM and aftermarket rim sizes. Grip Max Plus Clamps feature integrated wheel protectors secured to prevent falling off, eliminating metal-to-metal contact when clamping externally. This product is compatible with the company's X-Series, RC Series, APX and GTS Series tire changers. The kit includes four clamps, plungers and extra grips. 


The Grip-Max Plus Clamps are designed for changing expensive alloy wheels. 


Coats developed the Grip-Max Plus clamps as a way to help users avoid damaging the rims on alloy wheels. These clamps maximize the grip of the clamps to help ensure that no marring will be done to the rim. 

Selling points

  • Small, easy to stock accessory that is easy to pair with large equipment sales--this accessory is compatible with all Coasts C-Series, RC Series, APX and GTS series tire changers.
  • Three-position clamp allows for adjustments covering a wide range of OEM and aftermarket rim sizes.
  • Features integrated wheel protectors that eliminate metal-to-metal contact when clamping externally. 

Features and benefits

  • According to the company, a customer only has to prevent the damage of three rims for the Grip-Max Plus to pay for itself.
  • Grips are designed to last up to 30 percent longer than conventional clamp covers. 
  • The clamps are more slip resistant than conventional clamp covers, which is especially beneficial on polished and chrome rims in wet environments. 
  • Metal jaws can be replaced without purchasing new clamp bodies. 

Manufacturing specs

The Grip-Max Plus clamps are manufactured by Hennessy Industries in their LaVergne, Tennessee plant. The clamps provide a standard external clamping range of 6" to 24", allowing the clamps to work on many tire assemblies. The Grip-Plus Clamps are compatible with all X-Series, RC Series, APX and GTS series tire changers. The shipping weight is 8.36 lbs. per clamp. 

Storage and display

The kit include four clamps, plungers and extra grips. Coats recommends placing the kit near equipment accessories and near the front of the truck. 

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