In Focus: Electronic Specialties 54-pc Universal Test Connector Kit

May 4, 2018
This kit features a variety of adapter sizes to ensure a snug electrical fitting for accurate diagnostic readings.

The Electronic Specialties 54-pc Universal Test Connector Kit, No. 149, is designed to enable connection to most automotive and heavy duty marine connectors, both foreign and domestic. The kit features 26 different connectors, several flat/spade types, round terminals, two Micro64 styles, three Deutsch connectors and Micro50 terminals that make connection to DMM's and scopes via the included 48" stacking banana plug test leads. The kit includes a deluxe storage case with clear window for easy viewing and selection.


The 54-pc Universal Test Connector Kit is designed for electrical diagnosis. According to the company, techs frequently need the right electrical fitting to acquire and verify a particular diagnostic reading. This kit helps technicians get accurate test readings on fuel pumps, fuel injectors, O2 sensors, air mass sensors, control signals and more. 


Electronic Specialties developed this kit in response to feedback from its customer base. The company says they had regular comments from their customers about the need for more testing adapter sets like this.

Selling points

  • Wide selection of adapters including flat, spade, round, Deutsch, Micro64 and Micro50.
  • Features 26 different connector sizes.
  • Designed for automotive, heavy duty and marine connectors.
  • The correct sized adapter helps ensure correct readings, helping to prevent costly re-work.

Features and benefits

  • Helps techs make non-intrusive connections for electrical measuring and diagnostic purposes. 
  • Using the included stacking banana plug test leads, a DMM can be set up in parellel or in series while the circuit is live. 
  • This set helps avoid the damaging process of wire piercing. 
  • Designed to make the test process smoother and faster. 
  • Adapters help ensure a snug electrical fitting for improved accuracy. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

These test adapters are compatible with any brand of digital multimeter and most copes and other diagnostic equipment in the field, the company says. The included test leads feature 4mm banana plugs, which are the industry's standard size. The kit includes 26 different size/type adapters and their are two pieces of each size. 

Storage and display

The 54-pc Universal Test Connector Kit is packaged individually and shipped one unit at a time. Electronic Specialties recommends keeping this kit in its clear storage case and placing it in plain view. The kit is visually appealing and makes a good first impression, the company says. Allow interested techs to open the case and handle or inspect the individual pieces.

Suggested retail price


For more information

Electronic Specialties, Inc. 


[email protected]

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