In Focus: Bosch Diagnostics ESI[truck] Scan Tool

April 9, 2018
Available in expert and pro level software packages, this all makes scan tool allows end users to buy the level of functions that they need.

The Bosch 3823 ESI[truck] Pro Scan Tool features heavy duty vehicle coverage to scan, diagnose and repair trucks. This tool offers OEM-specific coverage, manual DPF regeneration capabilities, component actuations and actuation tests. The 3823 also offers brake, transmission and trailer ABS coverage. This tool is designed to cover all major HD truck, MD truck, engine, transmission and brake system combinations with diagnostics, component actuations, special tests and automatic module identification for Class 6-8 trucks. This tool comes as a 10.1" rugged Windows tablet or as a PC kit.

The 3824 ESI[truck] Expert Scan Tool features all coverage found in 3823 and adds system info, technical info, parameter configurations, change calibrations, wiring diagrams, injector coding and service schedules. 


The Bosch ESI[truck] Scan Tool is a complete vehicle repair and maintenance tool designed to work with all major truck systems. This scan tool tests and troubleshoots to help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles.


Bosch developed this scan tool as an alternative to OEM software, which the company says was the only professional diagnostics solution for the heavy truck market until recently. 

Selling points

  • Best engine, transmission, brake and vehicle systems coverage, according to the company
  • Offers Expert and Pro level software packages so end users can buy the level of functions they need
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Bosch offers a tech support phone line and field-based personal support
  • "Demo" mode allows distributors to show customers how the tool works and the depth of coverage.

Features and benefits

  • Single, intuitive interface for all makes of trucks, engines and systems
  • Generates a fault code report for entire truck
  • Automatic vehicle ID
  • Repair info including wiring diagrams, component pictures and locations, test procedures and descriptions and DTC look-up
  • Reads and clears fault codes

Manufacturing specs

This product is kitted in Owatonna, Minnesota with globally sourced components. The tool includes a tablet PC, electronic vehicle communications interface, diagnostic port connection cables and diagnostics software. All contents are shipped with a storage case, and the shipping weight is 10 lbs. 

Storage and display

The item is shipped one unit per package. Bosch recommends having one scan tool display set up in "Demo" mode to show customers how the tool works. 


For a video demonstration of this product, visit

Suggested retail price

3823 ESI[truck] Pro Scan Tool - $5,469

3824 ESI[truck] Expert Scan Tool - $10,236

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