Power Tool Manufacturer Company Resource Guide

Aug. 4, 2017
A review of the details and product portfolios for air tool and cordless tool product manufacturers.

Company name: Astro Pneumatic Tool Company

Date established: 1975

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic

Tool categories available: Pinstipe/Adhesive Removal, Die Grinders, Ratchets, Impact Wrenches, Sanders, Polishers, Spray Guns, Riveters, Rivet Nut Tools, Brake/Engine/Cooling System/Running Gear Service Sets, Lighting, Masking, Stands, Inflators, Sockets, Jacks, etc… Basically a one-stop shop

Most popular product / product line: 400E Eraser Pad, 40SL Rechargeable LED Work Light, 1442 Hand Rivet Nut Setting Kit, 7865 Ball Joint Press, 3037 Air Belt Sander, 3018 Digital Gauge Tire Inflator

For more information, visit: 

Company name: Cornwell Quality Tools Company (CQT)

Date established: 1919

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic, cordless, corded

Tool categories available: Air Wrenches, Air Ratchets, Air Hammers, Door Skin Tools, Air Sanders, Air Die Grinders, Air Cutting Tools, Air Scrapers, Pin Stripe Removal, Air Drills, Pneumatic Rivet Gun, Cordless Combination Kits, Cordless Die Grinder, Cordless Impact Wrenches, Cordless Ratchets, Cordless Drills & Drivers and Electrical Tools. 

Most popular product / product line: Cornwell bluePOWER

For more information, visit:
(330) 336-3506

Company name: Durofix, Inc, manufacturer of ACDelco brand tools

Date established: 2009

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Primarily focused on cordless but have previously designed, manufactured, and sold both corded and pneumatic tools.

Tool categories available: Impacts, drill/drivers, polishers, grinders, ratchets, sanders, rivet tools, digital torque wrenches, digital torque adapters, inspection cameras etc.

Most popular product / product line: Ratchet wrenches and impact wrenches, as well as digital torque wrenches and torque adapters

For more information, visit: 909-980-3323 www.acdelco-tools.com 

Company name: Florida Pneumatic Tool. Co., manufacturer of AIRCAT and NITROCAT automotive market brands, and Universal Tool and Jiffy Air Tool industrial market brands

Date established: 1963

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic

Tool categories available: Impact wrenches, air ratchets, sanders, polishers, drills , screwdrivers, nut runners, air hammers , air saws

Most popular product / product line: AIRCAT impact wrenches and air ratchets

For more information, visit:

Company name: Ingersoll Rand

Date established: 1871

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded)Cordless, pneumatic

Tool categories available: impact wrenches, ratchets, grinders, sanders, saws, polishers and buffers, drills, hammers, sockets, cutting tools, drill drivers

Most popular product / product lineIngersoll Pneumatic and Cordless Impactools including but not limited to the 231C Classic 1/2” Impactool, 2235TiMAX Premium Titanium 1/2” Impactool, 2015MAX 3/8” Right Angle Impactool, and the W7150 20V 1/2” High Torque Impactool

For more information, visit:

Company name: JPW Industries – Jet Brand

Date established: 1958

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic

Tool categories available: Impact wrenches, grinders and cutters,drills, rachets, sanders and polishers, needles scaler/flux chippers, riveting hammers, screwdrivers

Most popular product / product line: Jet Woodworking Tools

For more information, visit: 
JET Tools North America

Company name: Mac Tools 

Date established: 1938

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Cordless, pneumatic

Tool categories available: impact wrenches, ratchets, drills, hammers, saws, drivers, power tool attachments, drill accessories, surface prep accessories, air hoses and reels, cut-off tools, sanders, grinders, angle grinders, air riveters 

Most popular product / product line: Since 1938, Mac Tools has offered professional-grade automotive tools that let mechanics and technicians work efficiently on a wide range of vehicles. 

For more information, visit:

Company name: Mighty-Seven 

Date established: 2007

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic 

Tool categories availableAir tools, power tools, sockets, accessories 

Most popular / well-known product / product line: M7 impact wrenches 

For more information, visit:

Company name: Milwaukee Tool

Date established: 1924

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): corded, cordless

Tool categories available: Impact wrenches, ratchets, polishers, grinders, heat guns, lighting, sanding and finishing, vacuums, radios

Most popular product / product line: M12 and M18 Cordless Systems

For more information, visit:

Company name: Monster Mobile

Date established2010

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Corded, pneumatic

Tool categories available: Ratchets, impacts, polishers, die grinders, cut off tools, sanders, air hammers, riveters, reciprocating saw, needle scaler.

Most well-known product / product line: The most popular Monster power tools are the Monster mini impacts. The MST7125 1/2” drive mini super duty air impact wrench, MST7115 3/8” drive mini high power air impact wrench, MST7125A mini 1/2” impact (smallest in class dimensions), MST7126 mini 1/2” composite impact wrench and our Mini Butterfly impacts the MST714 1/4” drive and MST715 3/8” drive. 

For more information, visit:

Company nameSP Air Corp.

Date established: 1973

Types of tools available (pneumatic, cordless, corded): Pneumatic

Tool categories availableRatchets, impact wrenches, die grinders, sanders, needle scalers, air saws (gear driven),

Most well-known product / product line: SP-1764 and SP-1765 High-Speed Ratchet

For more information, visit: 
[email protected]

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