In Focus: ProMaxx Rosina Tool

April 4, 2017
The tool is designed to quickly and easily remove broken bolts on a Ford 6.4L/International MaxForce7 diesel engine.

The ProMAXX Rosina Tool is designed to remove broken bolts in the main turbo charger without removing it. The device bolts directly to the rear of the main turbo charger on the Ford 6.4L/International MaxForce7 diesel engine where the “Y” pipe from the exhaust system mounts. Rather than removing and replacing the turbo, users can bolt the Rosina in place and machine the old broken fasteners completely out. Now with removable and interchangeable machine grade bushings, repairs can be made quickly.


The ProMAXX Rosina Tool assists technicians in repairing broken "Y" pipe mounting bolts in a 6.4L International diesel turbo charger. This device is engineered for the 6.4L Ford engine manufactured by International, commonly found in 2008-2010 trucks and cabin-chassis configuration. 

Selling points

  • Significantly reduces repair time. According to the company, the tool can reduce repair times from the traditional three to four hours, down to one hour. 
  • Simplifies the repair for the technician. It reduces hassle and provides immediate return on investment for the technician. 
  • The tool is precision made with repeatable accuracy. It is 100-percent effective, according to the company.

Features and benefits

  • Helps avoid costly damage to the turbo charger and surrounding components. 
  • Repairs the turbo charger to like-new condition.
  • Does not require a Helicoil insert.
  • Drill depth gauge provides precise depth of the drill bit to avoid drilling into the cylinder head.
  • Profast Fasteners assist with centering the tool and provide stability to mount Rosina ProPlate to the turbocharger cylinder head
  • ProDrill drill bits are placed in a drill chuck, which is placed into the drill guide to drill into the broken bolts, using any 1/4" ratchet.


This product was developed to significantly reduce repair times for Ford 6.4L turbo chargers. 

Manufacturing specs

All ProMAXX tools are manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Pa. using materials and components that were made in the U.S.A. 

Storage and display

All ProKits are shipped in heavy duty vinyl blow molded cases. INT and BSE kits are shipped and packaged in an Indestructo HD box. 


Sales training materials are available for free by contacting [email protected] or by calling 412-606-3300. 

Suggested retail price


For more information

Jeff Del Rossa, President

[email protected]

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