In Focus: Anglo American Nes Thread Repair Tools

Feb. 3, 2017
The rethreading system repairs threads without the need for thread dies.

The Anglo American Tools Nes Thread Repair tools repair both external and internal stripped pipe threads and eliminate the need for an extensive collection of taps and dies. There is no need to determine bolt size, depth and pitch. The tools work with SAE or metric, and right- or left-hand threads. In addition, they can repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt, whereas taps and dies are not able to perform that function.


The rethreading system will quickly and easily repair almost any bolt, stud or threaded rod that has damaged, rusted over or just plain gunked up threads.

Selling points

  • Solves a problem that technicians face regularly.
  • Works on both SAE and metric size bolts.
  • Self-adjusting to any pitch and size within range.
  • Works on right- or left-handed threads.
  • Rethreading tools are easy to demonstrate and easy for users to understand.
  • No calibration required.
  • Hardened cutting blades (HSS).
  • Removes rust and burrs.

Features and benefits

Technicians frequently have threaded studs or bolts with damaged threads. They can use a small file to try to raise the threads to a useful position, but this usually doesn't work well. They can use a thread die if they happen to have the correct size, but if the die isn't perfectly in line with the damaged threads it will ruin the stud.

Using the rethreading system is quicker and easier than these methods, and saves technicians time and money. Tools in this kit automatically chase good thread sections to repair the damaged parts.


There are hundreds of bolt size and thread count combinations, so it is nearly impossible for a technician to have every size of thread cutting die. The Nes engineers focused on developing tools that would perfectly repair all bolt or stud diameters and thread configurations.

Manufacturing specs

The tools are produced 100-percent in Israel from the highest grade European high alloy steel. Each tool has a lifetime warranty on the tool body, and the blades are easily replaceable if ever necessary. 

Three individual external threading tool sizes are available, to repair any thread between 4mm and 152mm (5/32" and 6") metric or SAE:

  • 1A: Fits studs / bolts from: 5/32"-3/4” (4mm-18mm)
  • 2: Fits studs / bolts from: 11/16”-1-1/2” (17mm-38mm)
  • 3: Fits studs / bolts from: 1-3/8”-6”  (35mm-152mm)

Storage and display

The rethreading tools are available individually in point-of-purchase packaging, or as sets of both external and internal thread repair tools. The most popular sets sold by the company include Nos. 1000, 1015, 1017 and 1025.


To watch a demonstration video, please visit:

Suggested retail price

Prices range from $69 for the single Nes 1A tool, to more than $500 for a wide ranging set

For more information

Greg Genevro, VP Sales

856-784-8600 x111

[email protected]

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