In Focus: Associated Equipment KwikStart PRO-HD Industrial Jump Starter

Dec. 1, 2016
This impact-resistant, rubberized jump starter unit includes basic diagnostics and a built-in voltmeter.

The Associated Equipment KwikStart PRO-HD Industrial Jump Starter, No. KS401, includes light diagnostics displaying voltage output of the vehicle battery, voltage output of the vehicle alternator and 7' long DC cables. The heavy duty portable power unit can be set on the ground and easily reaches the battery in most 4x4 pickups, sport utility and other high profile vehicles. An ergonomic, impact-resistant case with rubberized base protects the unit. The 12V 22Ah sealed AGM battery delivers 1,700 peak amps and 360 CCA of cold crank power. The KS401 features a digital LED display with internal battery state of charge readings as well as a 12V power port and USB power port.


The KwikStart PRO-HD is used for boosting vehicles on road service calls and vehicles with dead batteries in shops or parking lots. The jump starter indicates whether the vehicle charging system is producing proper voltage to help diagnose issues, and can be useful as a memory saver when replacing a vehicle battery to prevent loss of vehicle presets and computer memory.

Selling points

  • Long leads measuring at 84”
  • Exclusive LITE Diagnostics with LED digital displays of the voltage output of the vehicle battery, the vehicle charging system output after vehicle start, and the state of charge of the internal battery
  • 12V DC power port and USB port
  • Rugged injection molded impact-resistant plastic case with rubberized base protects against accidental drops
  • Coupon included to factory replace/refurbish unit

Features and benefits

  • Boosts most 12V vehicles, including pickups and SUVs with diesel engines
  • Displays vehicle battery and charging system output after vehicle starts; no need to use a separate tool such as a voltmeter
  • On/off switch prevents arcing on hookup
  • Includes diagnostics to check voltage of vehicle charging system output and vehicle battery output
  • Built-in smart charger won’t overcharge internal AGM battery
  • KS401 uses 22Ah AGM battery providing 1,700 plus peak amps and 360 CCA of boost assist


Portable power has been the same for a long time and Associated Equipment wanted to create an innovative, highly durable, professional, portable power tool that was designed, patented and assembled in the U.S., using U.S. and imported components. The KS401's heavy duty exterior is designed and patented in the U.S. to professional technician requirements. While most units marketed today cannot be set on the ground and reach small truck or SUV engine chassis, this jump starter can with its replaceable 84” DC cables with plastisol coated steel clamps.

Manufacturing specs

  • Assembled, designed and patented in St. Louis, MO
  • 84” (7') 4AWG copper cables with flexible PVC jacket (withstands temperatures up to -40 degrees F)
  • Heavy duty vinyl-insulated steel clamps with 400-amp copper jaws
  • 12V 600mA internal charger
  • Built-in digital voltmeter performs basic diagnostic functions
  • 12V male-to-male DC cord included
  • Limited warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Clamp rating: 400A
  • Cable gauge: 4 AWG

Storage and display

The KwikStart KS401 is packaged individually in a double-wall corrugated cardboard box with form-fitting protective inserts with 17.6’ x 7.37” x 16.75” shipping dimensions. To display the KS401 display outside packaging on truck and keep available for demonstration. It should be charged at least once a month to keep the internal battery fresh and ready for use.


Instructions for demonstration:

  • With the unit in the “OFF” position, press the “Battery Status” button. The KS401 will calculate and display the voltage of the battery in the unit.
  •  KS401 can be placed on the ground and then hook up the DC clamps to the battery. At that time, the unit will display the voltage output of the battery.
  • Turn the unit to the “ON” position and start the vehicle. After the vehicle is started and with the clamps still attached to battery, turn the unit to the “OFF” position and KS401 will display the voltage output of the vehicle charging system.
  • Show side of unit where cable enters unit, demonstrate that the cap can be removed to replace the cable without opening up the KS401.
  • Show back of unit accessory storage pocket, note that it is slotted for easy access and has drain holes so as not to collect water/debris.

Suggested retail price

$379 to $399

For more information

Linda Fournier, Marketing Communications Manager

314-679-2571, [email protected]

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