In Focus: CanDo HD Pro II

June 3, 2016
In addition to scanning and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, the HD Pro II is able to perform DPF regenerations and forced regens.

The CanDo Diagnostics HD Pro II offers technicians an upgrade from the original model with a highly intuitive interface, a color screen and increased ease-of-use. The HD Pro II features commercial transportation and agricultural/industrial machinery and equipment to its already broad Class 4 to 8 heavy duty coverage. This tool also offers newly added lines including Bluebird, Sterling, Komatsu, Doosan and John Deere. 


In addition to scanning and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, the HD Pro II is able to perform diesel particulate filter (DPF) regenerations and forced regens – a service very critical to keeping trucks in peak performance and on the road. Driveability diagnostics is further enhanced by the ability to perform bi-directional tests such as cylinder and injector cutouts and power balance tests. Injector programming is also available, along with the ability to set parameters such as idle speed and max speed. Transmission and brake services can also be completed. Off-highway equipment such as sky lifts now come with DPFs – the HD PRO II has complete coverage for these off-highway machines.

Selling points 

  • The HD Pro II is the only HD scan tool that offers class 4-8 heavy duty, medium duty and light duty coverage, along with off-highway agricultural and construction equipment coverage -- all in one scan tool with no extra software or components to buy.
  • One easy-to-use interface for all manufacturers and all systems.
  • Auto-IDs the vehicle and all available modules.
  • Updates are done frequently and are available online for download 24/7. 
  • The unit is sleek, rugged and portable, and packs into one easily transportable case. There is no need for an external laptop that can be easily damaged and costly to replace, or for multiple cases containing the laptop, VCI and other components, cables and connectors.

Features and benefits         

  • OEM-level functionality without the costly subscription.
  • Now with agricultural, industrial and commercial coverage.
  • Reads and clears codes and live data with graphing.
  • Changes and sets parameters such as idle speed, max speed and more.
  • DPF activation, regeneration and forced regeneration.
  • Cylinder cutout and balance test.
  • Injector cutout and read/write programming.
  • DPF/NOX reset.
  • SCR/DEF functions.
  • Diesel hybrid access.

For the technician, there is added efficiency, cost savings and profit since one scan tool can be used for class 4-8 heavy duty applications, along with coverage for agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment. New customers and new markets are now open to the repair facility. The list price of the HD Pro II is also very affordable and at the reach of most technicians. This, along with its portability, allow the technician to maximize his or her investment by being able to take the HD Pro II everywhere. Additionally, the HD Pro II comes with two years of free software. The warranty is also good for two years, so there are less expenses related to the repair and maintenance of the scan tool. 


The HD Pro II was born from the need to have one HD scan tool that encompassed not only your typical class 4-8 HD, but also added deep coverage for agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment – at no additional cost. Typically, to add this coverage, separate software and components need to be purchased. This is not the case with the HD Pro II. 

Manufacturing specs

The HD Pro II’s software is developed in North America for North American applications. Its global application software is also installed in the unit. The HD Pro II's hardware is manufactured in China and consists of silicon, metal, plastic and rubber. The tool itself weighs 3.4 lbs.

Storage and display

The HD Pro II ships in a blow-molded case that contains the scan tool and all cables and connectors. The blow-molded case is then packaged in a retail carton. There is one HD Pro II per package and for placement in a mobile tool truck, it should be displayed alongside all other diagnostic equipment. Alternatively, the HD Pro II can also be shown next to tools and equipment for the heavy duty customer.


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