In Focus: CanDo OBD Aid Breakout Box

Feb. 4, 2016
This breakout box allows techs to to safely check the OBD-II DLC port for proper pin continuity and to effectively diagnose communication errors prior to scanning the vehicle.

CanDo OBD Aid, No. CDOOBDAID, is a breakout-box ideal for diagnosing and identifying OBD-II-related errors while communicating with a diagnostic scan tool. The display helps by monitoring the voltage supply and indicates if low battery power is an issue. It features a "quick test," which will individually diagnose each pin of the OBD-II port. The data saver cable comes with surge voltage protection, short circuit and polarity protection. The OBD Aid is a fast and easy way to properly check a 16-Pin DLC port prior to scan tool communication or ECU flashing. 


This product helps perform diagnostic inspections for computer control issues varying from nostart to no communication with scan tools. Users can quickly check the status of the data lines for activity while performing a quick check of power and ground. The OBD Aid helps ensure that users are getting a 12V supply and correct charging voltage. It has a safety alarm when programming to monitor correct voltage and prevent ECU damage. With the OBD Aid, technicians can verify data line operation to eliminate computer error or malfunction.

Selling points

The CanDo OBD Aid Breakout Box is the only breakout box of its kind that performs a DLC pin safety and continuity check for voltage, grounded or abnormal data, according to the company. It is also configured to mimic the DLC port’s pin designation, making it highly intuitive and easy to use. The OBD Aid ensures proper voltage at the DLC port –critical when performing J2534 flash programming.

Features and benefits

The CanDo OBD Aid benefits technicians by allowing them to safely check the OBD-II DLC port for proper pin continuity and to effectively diagnose communication errors prior to scanning the vehicle. It provides a fast and easy way to properly check DLC port pins prior to scan tool communication or ECU flashing. 

With the increased necessity for J2534 flashing for repairs and relearns, it is very important that a constant and steady voltage be maintained throughout the entire flashing process – which for some vehicles may take up to a whole day for an entire re-flash. The OBD Aid monitors and shows the voltage going through the DLC and also has an audible beep should the voltage drop or fluctuate intermittently. This greatly benefits the shop by saving them from costly ECU repairs or replacements due to voltage issues.

A unique feature that's exclusive to the OBD Aid is Safe Check. With a simple push of a button, the OBD Aid conducts a safety check on all OBD-II DLC pins and the voltage monitoring and audible warning feature.

Complete features and benefits:

  • "Safe Check" allows users to conduct a safety check on OBD-II DLC port prior to communication.
  • Constantly monitor battery voltage.
  • Audible warning tone when a voltage fluctuation is detected.
  • Performs "quick check" of alternator charging conditions.
  • Convenient LED for finding DLC port in low-light conditions.
  • Supports 12V and 24V vehicles.
  • Extra-long cable and ergonomic design.


The goal was to have a product that could not just give users a breakout of the connector, but actually help diagnose the vehicle. There was a need to create a breakout box that would be familiar to the technician and not confuse him or her with a square-looking shape. Key features like instant protocol recognition, live data confirmation, digital voltage display, abnormal voltage alerts, individual pin check, and separate ground pins were vital to its development. One of the most notable features is its ability to reset and run the diagnostic pin check with the push of a button - all without having to unplug the unit. The product helps solve the problem of misdiagnosing ECU communication faults. By actually letting users visually see live data activity, it eliminates diagnostic errors making sure it is diagnosed right the first time.

Manufacturing specs

The product is made in China out of injection molded plastic, rubber and silicon. It weighs 2 lbs.

Storage and display

The OBD Aid is shipped in a nicely packaged, single unit box. It should be placed next to diagnostic tools and code readers in a truck.

Suggested retail price


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