In Focus: KrestoGT line of hand cleaners

Feb. 4, 2016
This line of hand cleaners contain all-natural, biodegradable scrubbers with no harsh solvents or sharp scrubber materials.

The Deb Group KrestoGT Line of Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners contain all-natural, biodegradable scrubbers with no harsh solvents or sharp scrubber materials, keeping hands not only clean, but healthy and productive, according to the company. The Orange Boost and Cherry Turbo Heavy Duty Hand Cleansers provide a powerful and effective cleaning performance with natural, smooth-edge scrubbers and odor neutralizing ingredients. They are available in pump-top bottles, flip-top tubes and cartridges. 

Selling points

KrestoGT is an advanced line of heavy duty hand cleaners specifically formulated for the automotive aftermarket to protect a service technician’s hands. Utilizing natural biodegradable walnut shell power and cornmeal scrubbers, KrestoGT safely removes heavy grease, grime, oil, adhesives, tar and paint in a fine tuned manner that is easy on the hands.  

  • There are no harsh solvents, pumice or plastic scrubbing agents used in KrestoGT, yet the cleaning power will get even the grimmest of hands clean.
  • All formulations have been tested and found to be skin compatible, better for the environment, and effective at cutting through the heavy soils found in the automotive aftermarket.
  • KrestoGT is free of petroleum distillates. Many hand cleaners contain petroleum distillates or kerosene, which are by-products of crude oil. It may work, however, it is toxic. With continued use, it can enter the bloodstream and, over time, build up in internal organs.
  • Is a brand of Deb. The Deb Group, is the world’s leading away from home skin care system company. Distributors who partner with Deb realize the convenience and time-savings of a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their skin care needs.
  • The cornmeal and walnut shell powder scrubbers found in the KrestoGT formulations use smooth, biodegradable that won’t clog drains.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly and effectively remove grease, grime, graphite and oil from hands.
  • It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin, but contains moisturizers that keep hands healthy and working.
  • It is designed so that you wash with the optimum amount of product and use less water. KrestoGT is also available in wipes, giving users the flexibility to use it when there’s no access to water.
  • KrestoGT’s unique cartridges are ultrasonically sealed to prevent product contamination. Dispensers feature BioCote protection – guaranteed for life to inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds.
  • Formulas are VOC compliant and do not contain harmful petroleum distillates.


With the acquisition of Stoko Professional Skin Care by Deb Group in 2015, two innovative companies were able to utilize unique formulations, dispenser and packaging expertise to develop KrestoGT.  The goal was to create a product that was highly effective at cleaning heavy duty substances from hands, yet price conscious, for the automotive and automotive aftermarket industries.

Problem it solves: Kerosene, gasoline and acetates all serve a purpose, but they shouldn’t be used to clean your hands. Yet these substances were being used to clean grease, oil, paint and ground-in dirt from their hands. KrestoGT was formulated to made to cut through grease and grime, yet its soft scrubbers protect hands from micro-abrasions, unlike competitor products that use pumice.

Manufacturing specs

KrestoGT is offered in multiple fragrances and package choices:

  • Orange Boost: Ideal for quickly removing heavy grease, grime graphite and oil from hands, the powerful, VOC/CARB compliant cleaner uses natural, biodegradable cornmeal scrubbers that won’t clog drains, so the only thing it leaves behind is a fresh orange scent.
  • Cherry Turbo: A professional-grade, biodegradable cleaner with an energizing cherry scent that blasts through grease, heavy grime, graphite and oil without clogging drains. Fresh cherry sent neutralizes petroleum odor on the hands and is VOC compliant.
  • Paint Shop: This specialized formula utilizes natural, biodegradable walnut scrubbers to safely and effectively remove oil-based paints, lacquers, adhesives, tar and asphalt, making it an ideal replacement for thinners and other technical solvents.

Storage and display

KrestoGT is available in a variety of applications, including:

  • Wall-mounted dispensers (2L size).
  • Gallon or half-gallon container with pump top
  • 250 ml tube flip-top and scrubbing wipes in a canister.

The wall dispensers work with all KrestoGT 2L cartridges and are guaranteed for life. The portable, dual-sided scrubber towels are perfect for fast and effective cleaning away from the sink.

KrestoGT products are shipped as individual units or in cases. Dispensers are sold eight per case. The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.


Distributors and customers alike are invited to try KrestoGT for free. Visit, fill out the online information form and sample will be sent to you free of charge. Enter Promo Code PD2015.

For more information

(800) 248-7190

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