Sales Tip: Working with dealerships

Oct. 7, 2015
Tim Lyons makes sure to break those stops up to have a few each day throughout the week.

Nearly 90 percent of Mac Tools distributor Tim Lyons’ stops are automotive, and 20 percent of those are dealerships.

For dealerships, Lyons makes sure to break those stops up to have a few each day throughout the week. He finds that they can be “feast or famine” – and if dealerships are having a bad day, it can bring his entire mood and motivation down.

“You need a blend, because if the dealerships are down, or they’re dead in the water and there’s no business there – then you’re going to get down and out, right?” says Lyons.

Lyons will also make it a point to talk with every dealership service director or service manager at least once a month. He discusses broader business for the dealership, because he’s comfortable talking about numbers. Lyons looks to stay on the dealership’s radar not only for shop equipment purchases, but also to raise the comfort level of management personnel approaching him if there are any issues with techs in the shop; his customers – say late payments, or the tech spending too much time on the truck.

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