Tool Spotlight: Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench, No. 843

Jan. 20, 2015
Boston-area independent tool dealer Justin McCarthy talks about why the Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench, No. 843, is a tool that's been a big seller for him.

Boston-area independent tool dealer Justin McCarthy talks with, the official website of Professional Distributor magazine, about why the Cal-Van 843 Oxygen Sensor Wrench is a tool that's been a big seller for him as of late. 

The Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench, No. 843, features a flex head that offers essential clearance for removal and installation of oxygen sensors when positioned upward and inward to the floorboard, or when leverage is needed around an exhaust pipe. According to the company, it is designed for all oxygen sensors with 7/8" hex. It works on Ford Contours, 4.6L and 5.4L Ford modular engines, as well as 7/8" and 22mm knock sensors used on mid-sized trucks, SUVs and vans.

VSP: What is one tool or piece of equipment you are currently selling that is generating a significant amount of interest/purchases among your customers?

McCarthy: The Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench. It's reasonably priced, and I sell it at $29.95.

VSP: What are some of the key features of the Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench that make it stand out from the other tools and equipment you are selling at this time?

McCarthy: It’s easy to access an oxygen sensor with this tool, because the head of it is flexible. The tool also has a nice, comfortable handle. It’s an easy sell. It also gets into tight spots, and Cal-Van’s guaranteed. There are a few companies where it’s hard to get a warranty out of them, but Cal-Van is so easy to sell because (the company) stands behind the product. And when people hear “Made in the U.S.A,” that helps get a sale, too. 

VSP: What kinds of tips do you incorporate or strategies do you use in order to sell this the Cal-Van Tools Oxygen Sensor Wrench?

McCarthy: The reason they want to buy it is I tell them how much it costs. They see it on other trucks, and (some dealers) are getting more money for it. I just charge list price for it, and I don’t play games with prices. They say, "Twenty-nine dollars? I'll take it." I also put it right in the ceiling of the truck, right where you walk in. Everybody sees it. 

VSP: What else has been a big seller for you?

McCarthy: The new Cal-Van All-Star 550 and 540 jump start battery packs from Cal-Van. The first time I saw one, I said, "No way is that going to jump a car." But my other truck, which has a 350 engine in it, I left the interior lights on in it one night and needed it early in the morning. My battery charger was buried, so I used the jump pack and it started that truck. Those small jump packs come in a kit and they are an easy sell. They’ll jump a car, they’ll charge a phone, and do all sorts of things. And once guys hear from somebody else that something works, they want to buy it. 

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