In Focus: GearWrench PivotForce Compound Action Pliers

Oct. 1, 2014
Available in long nose and diagonal cutting variations, these pliers feature induction-hardened cutting edges for enhanced product life.

The GearWrench PivotForce Compound Action Pliers feature induction-hardened cutting edges for enhanced product life. They are designed with standard bevel edges for general wire cutting. The pliers are available in long nose and diagonal cutting variations; the long nose model has a machined, crosschecked jaw pattern, which assists in gripping and twisting in any direction. The pliers are made of forged steel for superior strength and durability, and they have an anti-rust coating to guard against corrosion.

Selling points

PivotForce pliers use a compound action design that makes cutting materials much easier than with standard pliers, according to the company. They are designed for techs who need to make repetitive cuts on a frequent basis, because they require less force to cut and will help reduce hand muscle fatigue.

Features and benefits

The GearWrench PivotForce Compound Action Pliers feature a unique compound action design that requires 40 percent less effort to cut, reducing fatigue and improving control. They also meet or exceed applicable ASME performance requirements.


PivotForce pliers are recommended for applications where repetitive cuts must be made or where space constraints make two-handed operation of the pliers impractical. The 40-percent reduction in force required to make cuts lessens fatigue in repetitive-cut situations and allows one-handed operation in cramped spaces such as engine bays.


This product was designed to be used in situations where repetitively cutting tough materials causes user hand and arm fatigue. The pliers were also designed to allow greater access in cramped applications where clearance is limited and it is hard to get a good grip on the handles. Cutting applications that require substantial force can be accomplished more easily with the Pivot Force compound action design. 

Storage and display

They are available in two open stock SKUs and a two-piece set. All three SKUs are furnished in durable hanging card retail packaging.


Watch the video here

Suggested retail price

8” PivotForce Diagonal Cutting Compound Action Plier - $29.99
8” PivotForce Long Nose Cutting Compound Action Plier - $29.99
2-Pc Set – PivotForce Long Nose (82121) and Diagonal Cutting (82120) Pliers - $59.98

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