In Focus: Flat Tire Tube Pads

The Flat Tire Brand Tube Pad is made from repurposed industrial inner tubes and crafted for comfort and toughness. Tube Pads are industrial strength, yet soft, which ensures comfortable knee protection. This semi-circular shape offers a kneeling area that is larger and more spread out than traditional kneeling pads. A larger area combined with superior padding means technicians can be on their knees longer, and more comfortably, to get the job done, according to the company. Tube Pads are extremely durable, soft and comfortable, waterproof, made in the U.S.A. and come with a craftsmanship guarantee.

Selling points

  • Flat Tire Tube Pads are the most durable and comfortable kneeling pads on the market.
  • All Tube Pads are made from repurposed industrial inner tubes and filled with a thick layer of foam cushioning.
  • The semi circular shape of the tube offers a larger and more spread out kneeling area.
  • All Tube Pads are USA made in Milwaukee, WI. And carry a craftsmanship guarantee.

Features and benefits

Flat Tire Tube Totes offer a larger more cushioned kneeling area, which means a tech can be on his knees longer and more comfortably to get the job done.  Tube Pads love harsh conditions.  In hot temperatures, your pad will be cool.  In cold weather you will appreciate the warmth and comfort.  If you are working on a wet surface, no problem, lay the pad down and get to work.  


Flat Tire Tube Pads are a must have for the shop and perfect for anytime a tech has to get down and get the job done.  Getting the job done comfortably is not just good for business, it is good for your health.


Flat Tire is a Milwaukee based company that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing unique and innovative products made from recycled tires and inner tubes!

Manufacturing specs

Tube Pads come in two sizes and two colors.  Mediums pads are 27” wide and the large pads are 36” wide. 

Storage and display

Product is shipped in cartons of 10 or 12 each.


Many distributors are having success by taking in and laying it down for the techs to demo.   Because of the uniqueness of the product people want to know about it…. And try it!

Suggested retail price

Medium $24.99

Large 29.99

For more information

Mike Hottinger

Flat Tire Brand

[email protected]


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