In Focus: SP Tools Ford 6.7L Diesel Injector Socket Set

June 4, 2013
This tool gives technicians the ability to remove various injector lines.

The SP Tools 11400 Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Diesel Injector Socket Set comes as a 17mm 12-point flare nut socket that gives the technician the ability to remove various injector lines. With the geometry of this tool, injectors can be removed without breaking and damaging the electrical connections. The crows foot can be spun by hand under the bent lines and the long socket has the clearance required and linear shape to properly torque the fuel lines. This allows the user to torque the fittings without complex mathematical equations when using torque adapters.

Selling points

  • All Ford diesel technicians need these sockets to properly service the high-pressure injectors.
  • This is a factory-quality tool that all Ford diesel technicians would be interested in purchasing.
  • Something new to bring to local Ford dealers and independent performance shops

Features and benefits

  • The sockets are designed to not damage the delicate plastic plug connector on the injector, which can have a replacement cost of over $500 each.
  • Sockets allow easy access to the hard-to-reach injector location making injector removal much quicker.
  • Two different socket designs: one is longer and allows for accurate retorquing of injector fuel line, the second one is shorter and can be spun by hand under the fuel line for quick removal of fuel line nut.


  • Any kind of fuel system repair on Ford’s new 6.7L diesel in their super duty trucks.
  • Special design ensures no damage to the injector during service.


Technicians came to SP Tools because they had issues accessing the injector fuel line with conventional wrenches. In some cases when they were able to access the injector with conventional tools, the plastic plug connector was damaged costing the technician out-of-pocket for replacement.


  • This tool is made from heat treated 4140 chromoly steel and features the company's high-tech black finish.
  • SP Tools has torque tested these sockets to over 200 ft/lbs without failure.
  • The socket set ships in a custom-made, clear clam shell with an informative insert card.
  • SP Tools suggests hanging the set from a peg board.

Suggested retail price


For more information

(714) 693-7666 

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