In Focus: Fuel Injectors C501 Automotive Optimizer

March 1, 2013
Test and restore fuel injectors to OE specs.

The Fuel Injectors Inc. C501 Automotive Optimizer restores fuel injectors to OE specs, so shops don't have to purchase or replace new ones. This tool provides testing, specific results and reconditioning that will guarantee a vehicle motor will run like new. This unit tests up to six injectors at once, and cleans 98 percent of all automotive fuel injectors. Features include a back-lit display for easier viewing of the spray pattern, pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning and computer-control with an easy-to-read LED screen. Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors.

Selling points

Until recently, repair shop owners had two options: replace the injectors with costly new ones or, replace the injectors with costly reconditioned ones supplied by a third party. Why? Because the equipment needed to do the job was too expensive and not readily available.

When fuel injectors get dirty, they restrict the necessary fuel flow and do not deliver the correct spray pattern for optimal combustion. The fuel feedback control system will compensate for the leaning effect once it is in closed loop, but it cannot correct the underlying condition that is causing the problem.

Injectors should be serviced when: an engine exhibits lean misfire, rough idle, hesitation and stumbling on light acceleration, a loss of power, and/or higher emissions. Lean misfire may trigger a misfire code and trip the "Check Engine" light on newer vehicles with OBD II systems.

Fuel Injectors Inc. is the only provider of fuel injector equipment with a dedicated 800-number for the technician to call for troubleshooting. Have seals, filters and accessories that you will need when you grow with the machine.

Features and benefits

Users can easily check and see if there are any problems with the injector, which is one of the first things to test. This tool now offers a professional alternative for a potential customer who balks at the high price of new injectors. Instead of telling him to dump some stuff into his gas tank and hope it works, shops can provide testing, specific results and reconditioning that will guarantee his motor will run like new – all for a price that makes him happy and makes you profit.

  • Tests up to six injectors at once.
  • Tests and cleans 98 percent of all automotive fuel injectors.
  • Back-lit for easier viewing of the spray pattern. 
  • Provide pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors.
  • Computer-controlled with easy-to -read LED screen 
  • Auto-Test one button operation.


Restores the fuel injectors to OE specs. So vehicle owners don’t have to purchase new ones.

  • Offer a Valuable Service. With the addition of Ethanol to gasoline, testing and cleaning fuel injectors has become routine maintenance for any vehicle running rough or experiencing reduced gas mileage. The number-one culprit is clogged fuel injectors.
  • Increase Profits. A small initial equipment investment means even a repair shop in a smaller community can realize hundreds of dollars more per week in profits from this simple and effective maintenance procedure.
  • Become a Service Provider to Other Shops. Fuel Injector Optimizer machines test and clean fuel injectors quickly and easily. Provide this valuable service to other shops and watch profits really grow. Fuel Injectors, Inc. notes they have customers who have gotten out of the general repair business altogether and now do nothing but service fuel injectors for their own customers as well as other automotive and marine repair shops.

The C-501 tests, cleans and optimizes 98 percent of all automobile fuel injectors PLUS, most truck, motorcycle, jet ski and snow mobile and marine fuel injectors.


  • Made of steel.
  • Assembled in Florida (U.S.A.)
  • Full kit includes separate high-performance, heated ultrasonic cleaner; standard top and side-feed fuel rails; all necessary adapters and fittings.
  • Learn to operate in 30 minutes.
  • Performs comprehensive leak tests.
  • Performs injector firing tests.
  • Capable of checking the flow rate at 1,000 rpm to 9,999 rpm and at various fuel flow pressures, from 5 psi to 100 psi.
  • High-volume capability.
  • High quality, precision built components.

Storage and display

Item is shipped FedEx (2-3 day). Dimensions: 15" wide by 14" deep by 20" tall. Weighs about 50 lbs.

Suggested retail price


For more information 

(888) 914-9923

Product testimonials from the company

Servicing fuel injectors is the best way I’ve found to increase my bottom line. It’s a useful service for the customer and unlike an oil change, the results can be noticed immediately.

 -Ray; Cocoa Beach, FL

Fuel injectors are $150 plus a piece to replace. With my machine I can recondition them to factory specs for about $30 each. I make money, the customer saves money and the car runs like new again. Unbelieveable!

-Brian W; Roanoke, VA

Thanks Scott, you were patient in pointing out a few tweeks I had to make in my setup and it made all the difference. Getting started isn’t all that hard but it helps to have an expert on the other end of the phone.

-Clifford B; Houston, TX

Dear Scott (Scott McKalvey, owner),
I wanted thank you again, here is my story, please share it with your customers. The Skeeter 22T Bay was stored about 5 years, and seldom started. The ethanol gas E10 eventually went bad and everything it touched was inoperable and the 2000 Yamaha 225 VMax would start but not run. In addition to maintenance parts like filters, hoses, spark plugs, deep creep sea foam, o2 sensor, etc., I replaced the lift pumps, check valves, and high pressure fuel pump. On it went, finally running, but at barely an idle. Obviously it was running too lean and something more was needed. Expecting to purchase 6 injectors was another blow. I was glad to find Fuel injectors Inc.; your injector cleaning system was amazing. The injectors were removed and inspected and found to be inoperable, not activating. After the injectors were serviced immediately, the Yamaha ran at a perfectly balanced and clean idle. On the water, load testing proved we were again making great power throughout the entire rpm range. A month and 25 hours later, the engine is dialed in like new. The fuel injectors were repaired, the boat runs like new, and I saved money. Injector cleaning is now added to my maintenance routine and checklist. I highly recommend others to do the same.


Capt. Jason Touchton

Seafari Charters, LLC

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