In Focus: Ansed Gas Analyzer Diagnostic Kit

Oct. 3, 2012
Unit interprets the gas emissions readings with consideration of all the readings and their interactions, and will provide a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions, in order of probability.

The ANSED Gas Analyzer Diagnostic Kit is simple-to-learn and easy-to-use, incorporating a KANE 5-Gas Portable Hand-Held Gas Analyzer and proprietary ANSED diagnostic software.

The KANE Gas Analyzer is portable, weighing just 2 pounds, and can operate for 4 hours (up to 8 hours standby) on its internal re-chargeable battery. Take the gas analyzer to the vehicle. Internal Calibration program allows the analyzer to be used continuously; calibration gas is not required.

In just one minute, the ANSED Expert Emissions Advisor software can point out problems, potential problems and their likely solution. This unit interprets the gas emissions readings with consideration of all the readings and their interactions, and will provide a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions, in order of probability.


The process of diagnosing general performance and drivability issues and problems can be complex and frustrating. The hope for OBDII diagnostics becoming the “fix all” for most diagnostic problems often leads to additional diagnostic procedures using other tools or equipment to verify the fault and the subsequent repair.

Experienced diagnostic professionals have found it much faster and more reliable to use a gas analyzer not yet seen by the onboard computer and scan tool. One quick look at the end result from the tailpipe leads to the right problem area or test to perform, often long before a hard code can be set.

With the ANSED Gas Analyzer Diagnostic Kit, there are no more charts and graphs, no more black magic calculations. The result is a compact, affordable, reliable and accurate diagnostic solution that will find things a scanner may never see.


The proprietary ANSED Expert Emissions Advisor software considers multiple factors, not just two-dimensional fixed charts, and uses a floating matrix formula for each gas that changes as the results change, taking into consideration several other variables of the vehicle tested to further enhance the accuracy of the formulas. For use on Windows® only.

Kane International Ltd in England manufactures the Gas Analyzer, exclusive to ANSED. Designed for us on Gasoline, Flex Fuel, E85, LPG or CNG vehicles.

US-based Technical Support Help Line for all hardware and software questions.

Selling points

  • Shorten Diagnostic Time - Accurate results in one minute
  • Reduce Comebacks - Run diagnostic test after repairs, “check your work”
  • Sell More Service - Check all cars, find more problems to service.
  • Make Customers Comfortable - Use report to explain service and repairs.
  • Find NEW Customers - Promote free Inspections

Storage and Contents

The ANSED Kit comes in a hard shell case. All items are imbedded in foam or strapped in, to insure secure transportation. The Kit comes complete with ANSED Expert Emissions Advisor software information with unique activation code, Operation Manual, Quick Start Guide, Product Registration, Warranty Information and Technical Support Help Line details.

Suggested retail price


For more information

Todd Haner

National Sales Manager

[email protected]

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