In Focus: Ingersoll Rand 118MAX Long Barrel and 122MAX Short Barrel Air Hammers

Sept. 12, 2011
Detailed product information on Ingersoll Rand vibration-reduced air hammers.

Ingersoll Rand has expanded their MAX family of air tools with the all-new 118MAX Long Barrel and 122MAX Short Barrel Air Hammers. These air hammers deliver best-in-class comfort, power and productivity to handle the most challenging material prep and fabrication jobs. The patented anti-vibration design reduces tool vibration, and noise output is reduced up to 3 dBA. The tool also is equipped with an improved ergonomic grip for extra comfort. These tools feature a new quick-change retainer to reduce wear and allow for faster chisel changeovers.

Features and benefits

The new air hammers feature a patented anti-vibration design which reduces tool vibration by more than 30 percent when compared to standard air hammers in its class. Noise output is reduced by up to 3 dBA as compared to standard air hammers, and the tool has been equipped with an improved ergonomic grip to provide additional comfort during extended use.

These air hammers were designed with high-volume fabrication and prep work in mind. The tool features a new quick-change retainer that reduces wear, and allows for faster chisel changeovers for increased productivity. Each of the tools is offered in a kit that includes a blow-molded case and 5-pc chisel set (Nos. 118MAXK and 122MAXK).


Ingersoll Rand wanted to expand the MAX family of tools, and they wanted to develop air hammers that are worthy of the MAX name. Ingersoll Rand came up with a solution to make more powerful tools that reduced tool vibration and noise output.

Ingersoll Rand has a long line of air hammers and these tools are getting more technologically advanced, but maintain a simple design to keep it from being complex for the end-user. These particular air hammers, like all Ingersoll Rand tools and equipment, are designed to make the customer as satisfied and comfortable as possible.

The tool is available through all licensed Ingersoll Rand distributors. The seller/distributor will be selling a quality top of the line product that the end-user will really enjoy. Ingersoll Rand does extensive research and works with many mechanics to find out what they want in a tool and what would make the job more productive. 


118MAX Short Barrel Air Hammer:

  • Shank opening: 0.401”
  • 2,500 blows per minute.
  • Bore diameter: 0.75”
  • Stroke length: 3.5”
  • Tool weight without retainer: 4.6 lbs.
  • Tool length without retainer: 10.5”
  • Average air consumption: 2.9 cfm
  • Air consumption at load: 2.98 cfm
  • Vibration: 5.7 m/s
  • Sound pressure/power: 94.7 dBA
  • Air inlet NPTF: 1/4"
  • Min hose size: 3/8”

122MAX Long Barrel Air Hammer:

  • Shank opening: 0.401”
  • 3,500 blows per minute
  • Bore diameter: 0.75”
  • Stroke length: 2.63”
  • Tool weight without retainer: 4.0 lbs.
  • Tool length without retainer: 8.6”
  • Average air consumption: 2.9 cfm
  • Air consumption at load: 2.93 cfm
  • Vibration: 7.5 m/s
  • Sound pressure/power: 94.7 dBA
  • Air inlet NPTF: 1/4"
  • Min hose size: 3/8”

Selling points

  • Anti-vibration mechanism reduces vibration over 30 percent versus standard air hammers.
  • Quick-change retainer provides fast chisel changeovers (included with tool).
  • Ergonomic grip provides extra comfort for extended use.
  • Reduced noise up to 3 dBA less measured noise than standard air hammers.
  • High quality, durable design.

The 118/122MAX Air Hammers come in a kit that includes: Air Hammer, Quick Change Retainer, 5-pc chisel set and a carrying case. These tools are currently available for shipment.

Suggested retail price

$194 for 118MAX

$194 for 122MAX

For more information

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies
1467 Route 31 South
Annandale, NJ 08801
(800) 347-7047

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