Making memories for success

April 16, 2014

As I sit here typing, it’s still winter in the Northeast, but this time it is raining – just what we need: more water.

I recently wrote about the importance of staying hydrated (December 2010), and that article has attracted more response than any other since I began writing this column. This is a bit of a surprise because I was unsure how it would be received. The decision to write that article proved that, even though it seemed odd for this type of magazine as opposed to a health or outdoor magazine, the readers of this magazine are always in search of self-fulfillment.

Was the response due to the fact that it brought something to each reader that had been overlooked no matter what their job, or was it due to the fact that it was different? My feeling is that the article pointed out an issue that’s usually ignored, delayed or goes unnoticed because we’re so focused on other things, and it also pointed out that the solution is just so simple.

In another recent article I talked about how most of us go day-to-day just repeating the one prior, partly due to the fact we have constructed a “memory” and we operate from that memory because it requires little thought. The more proficient we become in our work, each day just seems to fall into place, and it becomes easier because we’ve designed the memory.

Consuming the proper amount of water is very important to our everyday lives and in our overall well-being. Changing our daily routine for just a short period of time to focus on the regular use of H2O will, at some point, make the act of drinking water become automatic. It will no longer require thought; it will become part of the daily design of the day that we construct in memory, and it will occur as easily as walking.

I brought up water again because of the response it produced, and I mentioned “memory” again because the tie in is fitting. If the use of water can be designed into our daily routine, could other aspects of our daily lives be designed too? Can just thinking about something alter today?

Building a new path

Let’s look at the design/construction of each day that we exist. Answer this question: Who is the grand creator of each day? Who chooses how it operates and who makes the decision to alter the daily design? Hint: it has to do with the person that stares back from the mirror.

Each day millions of people wake up and hope that this new day will be different from yesterday, but as the day wears on without producing any different results, their mood/attitude changes.

“Why is today not different? Why can’t I get a break?”  

Soon the mind enters a downward spiral which can become so powerful, it even exerts a ‘negative pull’ on the mental health of those close by. Someone looking in from the outside may even be able to see this and try to stay out of harm’s way. How is this daily routine changed?

It is actually very simple - change the daily memories and become the architect of new ones that will bring forth the desired result.

Desired results or goals will seldom arrive on their own - it takes action! People looking in from outside have taken steps to be in a place that is much clearer - they were not placed there, they arrived there.

First ask “what do I want from today?” Then ask “how do I achieve it?” After asking those questions, answer them. Then change your daily focus to those answers. Starting first thing in the morning, consciously decide to focus on thoughts that will generate the desired results. The following day, do it again, and again the next day, and again until those new thoughts become part of your day. When you are able to remain focused on those answers, you will have changed your daily design, creating a new “memory” that you shall now operate by.

In order for tomorrow to be different, the person in the mirror needs you to change your memory of today.

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