In Focus: Redline SmartFit Cooling System Test Kit and Radiator Adapter Set

Feb. 11, 2011

Redline Detection's SmartFit universal radiator adaptor fits every vehicle, eliminating the need for multiple adaptors. The SmartFit elastomeric adaptors are engineered with varying durometer ratings, for versatility and performance. Two models:

  • No. 95-0700 includes all adaptors plus pressure pump.
  • No. 95-0750 contains all adaptors and works with your existing pressure pump.

Features and benefits 

SmartFit means you’ll never have to buy another radiator adaptor again. 

The hottest selling tool in the cooling system category, SmartFit works on every car or truck. SmartFit is the smart, fast and easy way to test any cooling system.

  • Versatile: Fits 100 percent of vehicles. Works with any pressure pump.
  • Professional-grade: Made in the USA. Manufactured from solid brass, anodized aluminum and high-quality rubber.
  • Convenient: Custom-fit case makes storage simple.
  • It works: Three adaptors get the job done.


Many technicians own dozens of radiator adaptors piled around the garage, yet struggle to find the right fit for the job. SmartFit is the all-inclusive diagnostic solution that fits cooling systems in all different car makes and models.

With SmartFit, technicians have a single hard case, holding a single tool that adjusts to fit both metal radiators and plastic reservoirs. Most importantly, it saves time and helps you to make more money. 

Selling points

The SmartFit elastomeric adaptors are engineered with varying durameter ratings, ensuring maximum versatility and performance.

Any technician or garage that performs general service and repair work on a variety of vehicles can work smarter, save time and make more money with SmartFit.

Elastomeric adaptors are engineered with varying durameter ratings. SmartFit is available either with a pump or without, for use with your existing pump. Both products include their own fitted storage case for easy storage. 

Suggest retail price

Two models available:

SmartFit Universal Cooling System Test Kit (No. 95-0700) includes all adaptors, pressure pump and storage case. Retail price: $199

SmartFit Universal Radiator Adapter Set (No. 95-0750) includes all adaptors to work with an existing pressure pump and storage case. Retail price: $119 

For more information

(714) 451-1411

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