In Focus: Sound Environmental C2 Camera

Aug. 2, 2010
Sound Environmental C2 Camera visual inspection tool

The C2 Camera, No. C21-10, from Sound Environmental Products, features a side-view camera for flexibility in inspection views; C2 has 360-degree rotation of the lens. Lighting is both white light for inspections and UV for leak detection.

Features and benefits

  • The side view camera offers flexibility in views that other end-view cameras cannot match. Most inspections are side facing interogations. The C2 has 360-degree rotation of the lens, plus by flexing the cable at an angle, a forward view can be easily accomplished.
  • The C2 Camera has enough storage for capturing and storing several hundred images. Those images can be downloaded to a PC using a USB cable (not included). The images can be recalled to view on the on-board video screen. They can be rotated, zoomed, and panned to identify specific areas in the image.
  • Two lighting sources, white and UltraViolet LEDs, are switchable on the wand handle. White LEDs provide the illumination needed for normal inspection of areas and provide the proper light intensity to view in video mode and also to take photos. Ultraviolet LEDs provide the spectrum illuimination to see UV dyes for leak detection. Photos may also be taken of the UV fluids without the use of the white LEDs.
  • The Camera has its own battery pack built into the handle of the Video Display Unit. Extra battery packs are available from C2. The benefit of remote inspections, hard to reach sites, portablility and ease of transfer to another job site makes it ideal for on-the-road mechanics or inspectors.
  • To view a close-up of an image, you can zoom 4-times from original size with the zoom menu button, and pan side-to-side, as well as up and down with the directional controller.
  • The C2 Cameras viewing screen can stay in your hand or hanging from a source, while you move the camera from point to point. The wand has 80' of reach and can be turned in any direction while the viewing screen remains in perfect sight. A convenient operation using wand and Video Display Unit independently.
  • In video mode, you are able to see what the camera sees in real time. When you take a snapshot and the image is saved, you will see the photo on the screen. You can then return to live video mode to search for the next photo opportunity.


Where end-view cameras are inconvenient in many situations, the side-view camera made sense for the marketplace. It is costly to tear down an engine to find out what might be wrong. The C2 allows for an accurate diagnosis before major renovation begins. The images can show the owner, the client or the manager what the problem is and record it for warranty confirmation or a history of the vehicle. This adds to the mechanic's credibility and closes the door to many accusations of improper diagnosis. It also allows for a quicker repair, with less downtime.


The C2 Camera was designed and developed in the USA, and is manufactured in Asia. The Video Display Unit has a rubberized wrap around the outside edge to keep the shock factor low. Other parts are made from hard plastics that make it easy to clean with a dry cloth.

Selling points

Patented UV camera technology for UV leak detection. The UV product that is added to fluids is a product of the company that owns the patent to the UV camera technology. They work hand-in-hand and so as developments occur, the C2 Camera will be upgraded for the latest technology. This is an excellent solution to the needs of the workplace, in that it incorporates the inspection, the UV leak detection and the camera snapshot aspect for recording the images.

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