Penray to highlight fuel system treatments at AAPEX 2014

Oct. 17, 2014
The Penray Companies, Inc. has ambitious plans for AAPEX 2014, which include special emphasis on fuel system additives and supplements for both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

The Penray Companies, Inc. has ambitious plans for AAPEX 2014, which include special emphasis on fuel system additives and supplements for both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. These fuel system products will be on display along with Penray’s full line of chemical additives and functional fluids for automotive and heavy-duty vehicles.

A highlight of Penray’s AAPEX exhibit will be one of their newest products -- Penray Plus™ Ethanol Stabilizer – which incorporates a special solvent to prevent ethanol and gasoline from separating in the fuel in the tank. “Our new Ethanol Stabilizer is a great 4-in-1 year-round additive for automotive markets, as well as in the powersports market for its antioxidant, cleaning and corrosion protection abilities,” said Sarah Cooper, Product Manager. “Not only is it wonderful for cars, it’s also ideal for small engines and boat storage.”

Other products on display will include three additives for light-duty diesel-powered vehicles. Penray’s newly-introduced Winter Cetane Diesel Anti-Gel lifts diesel fuel cetane ratings by up to six points while providing as much as 30 degrees F anti-gel protection. Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep™ lifts cetane by up to 8 numbers and contains detergents to optimize fuel economy by cleaning the fuel injectors. Penray’s new Diesel Engine Oil Treatment cleans and suspends soot deposits so they can be removed by the oil filter. Corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear agents are also included to prolong engine life and ensure oil performance for OEM extended change intervals.

In addition, Penray will be promoting the new all season Pow-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Treatment for the heavy-duty market. A highly effective winter anti-gel with cetane lift, Pow-R 365, is specially formulated to thoroughly clean injectors restoring fuel economy and fuel system lubricity while fighting corrosion. Pow-R 365 addresses the problems associated with poor quality fuel that can be present in ULSD and bio-fuels all year-round.

Penray’s booth (No. 3046) will be staffed to answer any questions from domestic and international visitors. A daily raffle will award prizes to those who stop by to enter.

“We will be exhibiting more products for more markets than ever before, allowing us to satisfy the needs of a very diverse group of customers,”  explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing.  “We are well-positioned for today’s needs in the marketplace,” says Kardon. “We’re looking forward to a high level of activity at the show, and meeting with friends both old and new.”

Information on Penray’s products can be found at

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