Bosch expands EuroLine Brake Pad offerings

March 12, 2014
Sixty-six new EuroLine Disc Brake Pads part numbers are now available to Bosch's North American customers.  
Bosch announces the expansion of its line of EuroLine Disc Brake Pads, which was first introduced in 2013. Sixty-six new part numbers are now available to North American customers.
"Our EuroLine disc brake pads have been  developed as a replica of the original equipment (OE) line and match the look, feel and system integration of the OE brake pads that are on European vehicles," says David Terry, senior product manager for Friction, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Brake Components North America. "They are ECE R90-certified and, in fact, meet or exceed R90 standards."
Regulation 90 (ECE R90) is the European certification standard for replacement brake pads and linings. This standard compares the front and rear brake performance to ensure they comply with European braking requirements for strength and performance within 15 percent of the OE pads.
Rigorously tested, validated and certified to meet or exceed European ECE R90 standards for performance and durability, EuroLine brake pads feature:
The look and feel of the brake pads originally equipped on European vehicles
A consistently high coefficient of friction for consistent braking in severe conditions
High shear strength that stands up to heat without separating
Low compressibility that ensures exceptional pedal feel
Vehicle-specific friction materials for consistent and durable braking
Bosch EuroLine pads utilize fine blank steel backing plates where available. The fine blank steel provides improved braking performance attributed to precise abutment dimensions and smooth edge surfaces that glide across the slipper, hardware or other caliper components. The shims are thermo-bonded and wrap around the pads, when applicable to match the European OE pads.
“Many European vehicles require a specific fit that not just any pad can match. This is why technicians that specialize in European vehicles insist on installing brake pads that match the Euro OE fit, feel and system integration,” says Terry. “Bosch EuroLine brake pads provide European service specialists a brake pad that they can install with confidence, knowing the Bosch EuroLine replicates the brake pads originally equipped on European vehicles.  
“In addition to being ECE R90 certified, Bosch EuroLine brake pads undergo additional dynamometer and vehicle testing by independent third party laboratories to ensure the ultimate braking experience for each European vehicle. Additional testing involves noise behavior, brake juddering, fading, thermal conductivity, pad wear and rotor wear,” Terry adds.
Each EuroLine brake pad is clearly marked with an ECE R90 edge code, which includes an “E” logo and a number indicating the location of the authority that approved the pad. These markings are stamped on the pad’s backing plate, making it easy for brake specialists to verify that the pads are appropriate for European vehicles. The EuroLine program was phased into North America with 62 vehicle-specific part numbers covering Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Saab, Volkswagen and Volvo vehicles operating in North America. A second phase with 66 more EuroLine brake pad part numbers has now been added. These new part numbers cover Porsche, Land Rover, Mini Cooper and Alfa Romeo.
“Bosch disc brake pads are the fastest-growing independent aftermarket disc pad line in Europe, and we are excited to bring this program of certified brakes with European characteristics to our North American brake specialists and motorists,” Terry says.

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