Fuse5 customer reports record in gross profit margin first month

Jan. 1, 2020
Quality Automotive Parts Unlimited, using a Green Team Technologies pricing model, has increased monthly gross profit margins after just 5 weeks using Fuse5.
Green Team Technologies, a US-based provider of Business Management Solutions, announced that through it's innovative pricing model one of their newest customers, Quality Automotive Parts Unlimited, has increased monthly gross profit margins after just 5 weeks using Fuse5.

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Quality is a locally-owned auto parts store in the Oregon area which has been serving their customers for over 30 years. Quality features a full line of parts and supplies for domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and RVs.

I have always been frustrated with the amount of time if takes to adjust pricing in my system,” says Matt Rothrock, owner at Quality. “As I received updates, I had to prioritize my day to allow enough time to keep the system current while I manually adjusted spreadsheets. Nothing in life worthwhile is easy, but with a few hours of setup we have definitively improved our gross profit margin well beyond what I expected. When we first talked with the guys at Fuse5, they said they had customers ranging from 2-5% monthly gains, but I think with a little more tweaking we will average 2-3 times those numbers monthly!”

Fuse5 is relentless in refining pricing and inventory management for all levels of the Automotive Aftermarket, regardless of their size.

Matt is a great, but certainly not unique, example of how the tools in Fuse5 can be leveraged to have a quantifiable impact to your bottom line,” says Gabe Davis, CEO of Green Team Technologies. “Every system in the space advertises saving time and money while selling 15-30 year old server-based technology, but we have the customers to show the real impact of our system, and our customers love it.”

Fuse5 is a complete Business Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning tool. Fuse5 allows customers to vastly improve their inventory efficiency, forecasting, price-points, sales strategies, and more, all adding to increased profitability.

For more information, visit us at www.gofuse5.com

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