Wagner ThermoQuiet® CeramicNXT brake pads available for 2012 Honda Pilot, Civic Models

Jan. 1, 2020
Federal-Mogul’s new line of Wagner ThermoQuiet® CeramicNXT brake pads has been expanded to include rear disc pad sets for 2012 Honda Pilot models and front pad sets for 2012 Honda Civic passenger cars.
Federal-Mogul’s revolutionary new line of Wagner ThermoQuiet® CeramicNXT brake pads has been expanded to include rear disc pad sets for 2012 Honda Pilot models (part no. QC1585) and front pad sets for 2012 Honda Civic passenger cars (QC1608). Representing the next generation in ceramic friction technology, ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads are engineered to provide the superior performance required to meet the increased braking demands of today’s vehicles.

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Federal-Mogul already offers Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT rear pad sets for 2012 Civic vehicles (QC537). The ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT line covers thousands of popular late-model foreign nameplate and domestic applications that were originally equipped with ceramic technology. Federal-Mogul also offers ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT pads as alternatives for many vehicles originally equipped with semi-metallic brake pads.

Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads feature highly advanced, proprietary ceramic formulations. These formulations feature Federal-Mogul’s exclusive Dynamic Noise Absorption™ technology – integrated into the pad to target and absorb vibration at the point of contact for quieter braking – and thermal-sensitive properties that adapt to the wide range of temperatures encountered during everyday driving conditions to help ensure superior stopping performance. ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads also feature Federal-Mogul’s award-winning Integrally Molded Insulator one-piece brake pad design and Laser-Shaped Friction™ technology.

For additional information regarding Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads, please contact your Wagner Brake supplier or visit www.TQBrakePads.com. To identify the right Wagner product for any application, log on to Federal-Mogul’s convenient www.Fme-Cat.com electronic catalog. 

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