New NAPA site offers filter help

Jan. 1, 2020
When it comes to filters for just about any engine, heavy equipment or machinery, NAPA Filters wants you to know there's now one simple stop for expert help. It's the new website.

When it comes to filters for just about any engine, heavy equipment or machinery, NAPA Filters wants you to know there’s now one simple stop for expert help. It’s the new website.

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Recognized worldwide for its filtration expertise, NAPA Filters created its new website to be the go-to resource for help and information about all types of filters, not only for passenger cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, but also for motorcycles, ATVs and all types of power sports vehicles. also greatly expands the information about heavy-duty, off-highway equipment andspecialty manufacturing and industrial filters.

“We make filters for so many different types of customers, who operate vehicles and equipment in some of the most demanding environments imaginable to just driving around town or mowing the lawn,” says Paul Kortman, brand and category marketing manager for NAPA Filters. “But all our customers have something in common,” he adds. “They want an easy-access resource to find all they need to know about the right filters for their needs and how they can improve the performance and lifespan of their engine or equipment.” is loaded with “all you need to know” about how to choose quality filters for a particular application, detailed tips for filter maintenance, filter look up tools for finding the right oil, air, cabin air, fuel, and other filters aswell as locater links for finding nearby NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and NAPA AutoCare centers.

“We know filters and want to share our expertise,” Kortman says. “Our research showed NAPA Filters had an opportunity to simplify the process of selecting, changing and buying the best filter for just about any engine orindustrial application someone might have,” he added. “We want our website to help vehicle and equipment owners save time and energy and also share advice on how proper filter maintenance can help protect their investment.”

Kortman explained that the new website provides passenger car, SUV and pickup truck owners with tips and new tools – from step-by-step videos that show how to change oil, air and cabin air filters, to locator tools that guide people to the closest NAPA AUTO PARTS store for parts or NAPA AutoCenter for their service needs.

The website has sections devoted to:

  • “Do it yourself” (DIY) car and truck enthusiasts
  • “Do it for me” (DIFM) vehicle owners
  • Motorcycle, ATV and power sports vehicle owners
  • Heavy truck drivers and fleet owners as well as heavy equipment operators in mining, agriculture, construction and many other industries
  • Industrial filters for equipment in manufacturing plants, power generation, utilities and other commercial environments

When a DIYer visits, they’ll find:

  • a “find your filter” search tool for the full range of NAPA filters: oil, air, fuel, cabin air, Power Sport and specialty
  • in-garage videos that feature step-by-step instructions on changing oil, air and cabin air filters
  • details about NAPA Filters’ family of filters – Silver, Gold and Platinum branded products – and information that helps consumers determine the best filter choices based on their vehicle, oil type and driving conditions

For the DIFM driver, who’s looking for assistance with vehicle and filter maintenance, there’s guidance on good, better and best filter choices plus a NAPA AUTO PARTS store and NAPA AutoCare center locator tool.

Owners of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment will see that NAPA Filters makes filters for all sorts of heavy-duty, on- and off-highway equipment and machinery, including choices for over-the-road trucks and buses, construction, mining, agriculture and marine applications. details its high performance product range and filtration advice that can help protect these high value vehicles and lower fleet maintenance costs.

For industrial operations, NAPA Filters develops, manufactures and markets a full line of filters to protect machinery and components in all kinds of manufacturing. The website guides visitors to a wide range of filters that can help plant operators keep equipment at peak performance and efficiency.

Hydraulic replacement filters, oil/air separators, air intake filters for compressed air and gas applications and panel filters are among the industrial filters industrial users can locate and learn more about at

Started in 1966 NAPA Filters was the first branded product under the NAPA name. NAPA is the world’s largest distributor of light and heavy duty filters in the automotive aftermarket, serving domestic and import vehicles sold in the U.S., as well as heavy equipment and industrial hydraulic applications. NAPA Filters are sold exclusively through NAPA AUTO PARTS stores.

For more information visit

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