UPS launches United Problem Solvers campaign

March 10, 2015
UPS unveiled a new positioning message, United Problem Solvers, which communicates the company’s unique capabilities to solve problems for all customers, ranging from small businesses to the largest global enterprises.  

UPS unveiled on March 9 a new positioning message, United Problem Solvers™, which communicates the company’s unique capabilities to solve problems for all customers, ranging from small businesses to the largest global enterprises.

“The scope of UPS services has expanded significantly in the last few years,” said Alan Gershenhorn, Executive VP and Chief Commercial Officer. “We are continuing to change in response to customers’ needs. We’re transforming UPS from a logistics provider to a full-service partner that offers world class expertise and capabilities that helps customers increase revenue; improve cash flow; minimize lead time and reduce cost.”

“Our employees solve customer problems by using the best mix of proven analysis methods, innovative technologies and the company’s extensive global transportation network. We not only move goods through all aspects of the supply chain, we also help our customers approach their business problems to uncover new top line and bottom line opportunities,” said Gershenhorn.

UPS offers deep industry knowledge in several specialized industry segments. These include healthcare, high tech, aerospace, automotive, retail, professional services and industrial manufacturing and distribution.

The following are three of several real-life customer stories featured in the campaign:

Ted Acworth, founder of Artaic in Boston, has revolutionized the design and production process of intricate, designer mosaics by implementing computer design and robotics. UPS helped simplify this small business’ inbound and outbound shipping processes, saving the company eight hours a week that could be redirected to customer service and business development. The process begins with importing glass, stone and porcelain tiles from India, China, Turkey and domestic locations. Then, once Artaic turns these materials into one-of-a-kind designs, UPS optimizes the speed and cost of shipping the ready-to-install mosaics to customers around the world by using a combination of ocean, air and ground transportation with full tracking visibility.

·      Mark Gilreath, founder and CEO of EndoChoice in Atlanta, collaborated with UPS to identify scalable ways to improve workflow and optimize inventory management. UPS helped Gilreath’s company uncover time- and money-saving efficiencies that facilitated EndoChoice’s growth from a start-up to $50 million company in just six years. And when Gilreath’s team identified a revolutionary product that could help doctors eliminate colon cancer, they sought the counsel of UPS to bring that product to market in under 18 months.

·      Gilo Cardozo, founder of Gilo Industries Group in the UK, develops aviation and engineering products for recreational, commercial and military aviation customers. Gilo relies on UPS for multi-modal transportation options, customs clearance, consistent timely deliveries, and full supply chain visibility so his team can focus on doing what they do best, which is designing and building innovative engines, personal jetpacks and the world’s first practical flying car.

“The new United Problem Solvers campaign illustrates how our more than 400,000 employees approach problems with expertise and intense commitment to help customers,” said Gershenhorn. “Our essential message is to invite customers to challenge us with their business problems. We are confident that we can offer insights that will help them be more successful.”

UPS’s innovative problem solving capabilities and custom logistics services are implemented through the power of its global transportation network. That network serves 9.4 million customers every day. 

Specialty services leveraging or complementing UPS’s transportation network include:

·      Extensive customs brokerage experience and dedicated trade routes to quickly and efficiently export and import everything from small consumer goods to automobiles and large industrial manufacturing machinery.

·      Global e-commerce solutions for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer transactions that include returns management and the ability for customers to change delivery times and locations.

·      Refrigerated and temperature-controlled shipping and warehousing for products ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and fresh-cut flowers.

·      Cryogenic transportation, which keeps items for regenerative medicine, gene therapy, biopharmaceutical research, and reproductive health at -150°C for up to 10 days.

·      Package Design and Test Lab which utilizes supply chain modeling and simulation to determine optimum packaging for shipments that range from food and household goods to specialty products and equipment.

·     FAA-certified employees for government and commercial air operations.

·      Financial products and insurance that protect product investments and free up cash flow while goods are being transported.

·      End-to-end supply chain visibility and enhanced efficiency through a comprehensive proprietary technology and a network of UPS Ready® providers.

The campaign’s television, print and online advertising debuts in the United States in media surrounding the NCAA Basketball Tournament. UPS is the Official Logistics Partner of the NCAA. The campaign will subsequently appear in international markets including China, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The United Problem Solvers advertising invites customers to “Bring us those things you’re not sure how to pull off and you’re even less sure who to ask. Because we’re in the pushing-what’s possible business. The how-do-I-get-this-startup-off-the-ground business. The taking-your-business-global business. We’re in the problem-solving business.”

The United Problem Solvers campaign was developed in partnership with UPS’s global advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

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