Bosch in Unique Position to Offer Extensive Range of OE and OE-Derived Parts

Jan. 13, 2014
Bosch regularly issues new parts to the aftermarket, covering domestic, Asian and European vehicle applications, and a variety of ways to bring the information to shops.

As a global automotive supplier, Bosch reports it has content on vehicles from all auto manufacturers worldwide and as such, is in a unique position to offer original equipment (OE) parts that are not available to customers from other sources. Bosch regularly issues new parts to the aftermarket – many of which are replacements for Bosch OE components – covering domestic, Asian and European vehicle applications.

In the past 18 months, 2,614 new Bosch parts – combined across all product categories – have been issued, providing total coverage of 1.74 billion vehicles in operation (VIO) in the U.S. and Canada. Many of these parts have been previously unavailable to the aftermarket. They include parts from the following product lines:

Engine management sensors – including mass air flow sensors
Coil on plug
Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries
Braking components – including disc pads, shoes and rotors
Wiper blades
Throttle body modules
Fuel pumps
Fuel injectors – including new gasoline direct injection (GDI) injectors

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is the latest generation fuel injection system, and an increasing number of original equipment manufacturers are bringing these systems into series production every year. Extensive research and innovation in advanced automotive engine technology has made Bosch the leader in OE GDI systems worldwide. In fact, the Ford EcoBoost 2.0L GDI engine, featuring a Bosch GDI system, was listed among Ward’s Automotive 10 Best Engines for 2013. Six of the other engines on that list also run on Bosch components.

To keep customers abreast of new parts availability, Bosch began issuing a monthly New Parts Information document in May 2013. The notice is distributed to customers by Bosch District Sales Managers and is also posted on the Bosch website at

Finding the Bosch parts to fit a particular vehicle is now easier than ever. The award-winning North American Vehicle Part Finder app, available for Apple and Android devices, is one of the largest available apps of its kind. It currently includes all the following product lines and features a VIN bar code scanner for quick and easy part look-up. The September 2013 app update added 5,000 new part numbers in the following product categories:

Air Management Sensors
Battery Chargers
Brake Components
Fuel Injectors including GDI
Fuel Pumps
Glow Plugs
Ignition Coils
Oxygen Sensors
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wire Sets
Water Pumps
Wiper Blades

The Bosch website, also features a Vehicle Part Finder tool with 360-degree images (, as well as a Where to Buy function ( and a directory of the previously-mentioned monthly New Part Information announcements.

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