Show Me Your Truck: Geoff Beveridge, GEARWRENCH

Aug. 2, 2022
Since moving to Texas five years ago, this independent tool dealer has three fully stocked trucks.

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Tool dealer Geoff Beveridge had done the unthinkable. He uprooted his family of four from California and moved to the big state of Texas with little in his savings, no job, and no house. He decided to go independent and joined the GEARWRENCH team, and within two years, he had two trucks on the road and was looking for a third driver.

This story may sound familiar. Beveridge’s journey was featured in Professional Distributor’s pages back in 2018. After learning about his recent expansion and success, we wanted to catch up with the tool dealer.

Make that 3 trucks

Beveridge has since added a third truck – a 2014 18’ Isuzu cab over his wife is now driving (until they find a new driver). Beveridge is still driving his 2000 20’ Freightliner MT55, and his son in-law joined him about a year ago and is driving a 2006 18’ Freightliner MT45.

Between the three of them, they cover the South Dallas area, stopping at many heavy duty equipment and truck repair shops, automotive shops, and agricultural shops.

In no particular order

Beveridge has over 300 lines of tools on his trucks, keeping them fully stocked on a daily basis. As far as tool organization is concerned, well there isn’t one really.

“I’d like to say it’s [sorted by type of tool], but sometimes it’s just getting it all on the shelves,” he notes. “There’s quite a variety of things on each shelf. It’s not necessarily pliers on one shelf and sockets on another. There’s no particular order, just a full and appealing selection.”

He likes it that way and so do his customers, he notes.

“It keeps them looking, and plus my displays change every two weeks,” he says. “If you want to do well in this business, you have to change the displays regularly, so the customers see something different every time they come onto the truck. Even though it’s the same stuff the week before, if you move it around, it gives them the perspective that you have different things.”

Beveridge is all about his tools. So much so that his desk is merely a 2’ by 2’ tool cabinet – just enough to house his laptop, printer, and a credit card machine.

“I don’t need a lot of room to write up a ticket and print a receipt,” he says. “I try to save the room for the tools."

More tools mean more demonstrations, and therefore, more sales, he implies.

"Presentation without demonstration is nothing but conversation,” he says without missing a beat. “You’re not going to make any money just talking about it.”

Overcoming supply chain issues

Instead of getting frustrated with what he can’t order due to current supply chain issues, Beveridge focuses on what he can stock. It may be things his customers haven’t seen before, but notes that’s the beauty of being independent.

“I have choices,” he says. “I can pick the things that I want to sell. I’ve had to diversify and get some other brands to fill those voids, but I’m still able to take care of my customers.”

Beveridge credits God for his success in Texas.

“I’m using the gift that God gave me to support my family and by doing so, he has allowed us to be very successful in the mobile tool business,” he concludes.

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