Sneak Peek: June 2022

June 17, 2022
Some popular products from this month's sneak peek include modular tool sets, locking tools, a video borescope, and more.

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The following products are recently introduced automotive tools and equipment. See new products even before automotive technicians read about them in PTEN magazine. For the full June Sneak Peek product inventory, check out Professional Distributor's June digital edition.

Modular Tool Sets

The GEARWRENCH Modular Tool Sets consist of multi-piece assortments of GEARWRENCH tools, each organized in a sturdy EVA foam tray with high-visibility size markings. 

X-431 Torque HD

The Launch Tech X-431 Torque HD is a professional diagnostic scan tool that focuses on Class 4 to 8 heavy duty diagnostics and engine applications in addition to featuring a J560 PLC trailer connector for added usability.

Carbide Milling and Grinding Burrs Set

The Mueller-Kueps Carbide Milling and Grinding Burrs Set, No. 297 001/KIT5, is ideal to use with the company's Micro Die Grinder, No. 297 001. The burrs can be used for any steel application, making it easier to drill out hard metals such as broken taps or drill bits.

BT1 Lite Battery Tester

The OTOFIX BT1 Lite Battery Tester is a wireless battery and electrical systems tester that, when paired with the battery tester app, enables users to assess the health and condition of the battery quickly and easily.

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500 Lumen Foldable Thin Light

The SABER 500 Lumen Foldable Thin Light, No. 80448, delivers a wide and bright lighting area. The light features a rotary switch that provides variable brightness of 100 to 500 lm.

Video Inspection Borescope

The K-Tool International Video Inspection Borescope, No. KTIXD3K, is designed to give the user lighted and color visual access into the interior motors, electric components, and hard-to-see areas. 

Eagle Grip Locking Tools

The Malco Products Eagle Grip Locking Tools are forged from premium American steel to deliver strong and reliable performance. Made in the U.S.A., the tools were designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional users.

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