ALLDATA Diagnostics

Nov. 14, 2017

ALLDATA Diagnostics turns any tablet into a scan tool. ALLDATA Diagnostics has a Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI) that attaches to the vehicle's OBD-II port and links wirelessly via Bluetooth to an Android or Windows 10 tablet. This scan tool has ALLDATA Repair or Collision built in, which allows codes to link directly to relevant OEM-direct articles, including interactive color wiring diagrams. Technicians can retrieve and clear manufacturer P, B, C and U codes. The tool also reads and displays PIDs, providing live sensor data from all modules and vehicle systems, and offers bi-directional component control. ALLDATA Diagnostics offers full system pre- and post-DTC scan reporting with PDF exports, and includes coverage for domestic, European and Asian vehicles. The tool enables technicians to access system tests, relearns, resets, initializations and calibrations as supported by the manufacturer. Users can also utilize Drive Test mode to access diagnostic features without being connected to the Internet.

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