Tool Review: Coast XP11R Flashlight

May 3, 2021
This reviewer found the flashlight durable, slip-resistant, and reliable for the variety of work he performs on a regular basis.

Whether you're performing vehicle diagnostic testing or searching for a lost tool, a great flashlight can be an invaluable asset for any technician. Coast is a tried-and-true name in the lighting industry, and as such, reviewer Randy Kaiser of Rost Motor, Inc. in Manson, Iowa was excited to get his hands on the light for testing purposes.  

Kaiser took the Coast XP11R rechargeable flashlight for a spin, which he found to be "very well-made." While he found the entirety of the light up to his standards, he particularly appreciated its adjustable light beam and various power modes.  

"The light beam is adjustable from flood to spot, and the slide adjuster for that turns to lock in place, so it will stay where you want it," Kaiser said. "The light is very bright, but if you need extra light for a short time, you can hold in the power button on the end cap for it to go into 'Turbo Mode.'" 

The light is easy to power on, with an on/off switch at the end of the device that can also change its brightness. The light end slides in and out to easily adjust the beam's width. This simple adjustment process and versatility was helpful for Kaiser, who found plenty of use cases for the tool. 

"I used it under dashes, under hoods, and inside doors," he said. "I also tried it out at night outside.  This light is very bright." 

He also found that getting the light out of its packaging was a bit difficult. While the outside portion is simple to open, the internal compartment that stores the flashlight and charging cord are inside of a two-piece clear plastic tray.  

"The two tray halves are plastic, welded together on both sides. You have to cut the trays apart to get the flashlight out," Kaiser said. "If you're one of those people who like to keep things organized in in their original packaging, you will be disappointed."  

Kaiser does advise that the flashlight's power modes will take a bit getting used to, however: "When you turn it on, it goes to medium brightness, and then cycles through to high and then low. It's different from most that go from low to high or vice versa," he said. He also believes a detachable lanyard would make a good addition to the light as well.  

Overall, Kaiser enjoyed his time with the Coast XP11R Flashlight and found it a great addition to his arsenal of tools. Though he's used several flashlights over the years, this is his first product from Coast – and it likely won’t be his last.  

"[It] seems to be a very high-quality light that will hopefully last a very long time," he said.   

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