Howell EFI GEN III Vortec 8.1L Chevy Vortec engine swap wiring harnesses

June 1, 2023

The new GEN III Vortec 8.1L wiring harness (1999-2004) can be used for electronic or manual 4L80E or Allison transmissions with emission connections if needed. For a fully mechanical throttle body action, Howell also offers a wiring harness for drive-by-cable with all the appropriate ECM reprogramming. Made in the USA, Howell’s GEN III harness operates with all stock sensors, the MAF sensor, and the stock ECM and eliminates extra oxygen sensors and emission controls if not required. Reprogramming of the existing ECM or ECM module supplied by Howell is required. ECMs are reprogrammed to the vehicle’s engine and transmission specifications, i.e. gear ratios, tire size, cam changes, vehicle anti-theft (VAT’s) removal, etc.