PPG expands PPG ONECHOICE UV primer system to cut spot repairs to minutes

June 25, 2019
PPG announced that it has expanded its PPG ONECHOICE UV primer system to include a handheld ultraviolet (UV) LED cure light to provide a speedier solution.
PPG (NYSE: PPG) today announced that it has expanded its PPG ONECHOICE® UV primer system to include a handheld ultraviolet (UV) LED cure light to provide a speedier solution. Technicians can complete spot refinish repairs in two to three minutes, boosting cycle-time performance and productivity in automotive repair shops.
The expanded system uses proven PPG advanced aerosol technology – SUA1080 UV primer and SXA1081 UV primer cleaner – along with the new light and UV protective glasses and gloves. “This expanded PPG OneChoice UV primer system is ideal for quick spot repairs,” said Jennifer Boros, PPG director of marketing, collision segment, North America. “It has been engineered to help shops save time and increase throughput and productivity thanks to the ease and efficiency of UV processing. We have combined high-build performance with an industry-leading cure speed. PPG customers immediately will see the constructive difference the system makes in shop operations.” Efficiency is built into the entire system. The SUA1080 UV primer, which is a “shake and spray” product that requires no mixing, is quickly ready for sanding when used with the new handheld UV LED cure light. The light makes the curing process more effective and convenient compared to a fixed-position lamp. In addition, the SXA1081 primer cleaner allows a technician to quickly clean the cured primer before sanding. The end result is that there is no waste, pot life issues and spray gun cleaning. The system has already been adopted by automotive repair shops across the U.S. that use PPG refinish paint systems. “The new PPG OneChoice system is easy to use,” said Dan Sayres, owner, Custom Images Auto Body in Waverly, West Virginia. “There is little to clean up and no messy, clogged up spray guns. The built-in efficiency of the primer system lets us be more productive. The handheld light works like a charm, and my painters are very happy with it.” The PPG OneChoice system works over properly cleaned steel, aluminum, fiberglass, galvanized steel, polyester body filler, and rigid and semi-rigid plastic except for polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (PS). It is compatible with all original equipment manufacturer and PPG refinish paint systems and is suitable for use throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about the PPG OneChoice system and other PPG automotive refinish products, visit www.ppgrefinish.com or call 800-647-6050.

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