GFS introduces Booth Connect remote monitoring at SEMA Show

Nov. 9, 2023
From a tablet or smartphone, managers can view real-time on cycle counts, energy usage, and more.

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) introduced its new Booth Connect remote access and monitoring technology for paint booths at the SEMA Show. The patent-pending technology allows users to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone in real-time to see filter-loading, production levels, and paint booth usage data for GFS or any major brand booth.

Matt Salvo, vice president of the aftermarket business unit at Global Finishing Solutions, says the unit's greatest utility is for MSOs, who can view the online dashboard and view the performance of either an individual paint booth or the company's entire booth portfolio, with all booth data stored securely in the Cloud.

"They can aggregate the data across their portfolio and see how those devices are performing," he said.

Shops can monitor filter-loading so they can better schedule the correct time to change their paint booths' filters. 

"We know that's the biggest reason for issues; not maintaining your filters is causing more than half of shutdowns, breakdowns and premature-wear issues. So that's what this is intended to solve."

Because filter changes are automatically logged, shops can automatically stay in compliance with the EPA's 6H rule.

The number of booth cycles and energy usage can be measured. In the future, Salvo said, the unit will have an added-cost capability to measure for gas consumption.

"MSOs have told us if we can provide them information on power and fuel consumption, they can bill [those costs] back, particularly for insurance companies."

There is an upfront cost for the unit and installation, plus a monthly subscription to access the data. 

Additional services available include having GFS monitor the booths. "We'll also package the aggregate data for the facility manager on a monthly basis, so you'll get weekly or monthly emails," Salvo said.

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