ClaimsCorp Inc. renews commitment to CIECA

May 28, 2019
ClaimsCorp Inc. recently renewed its commitment to CIECA and the CIECA Standards.
ClaimsCorp Inc. recently renewed its commitment to CIECA and the CIECA Standards. Established in 2004, the company’s executive ownership of Sam Malatesta, Tim Wilder and Francesco DiGiuseppe focus on industry-related data aggregation, analytics and business performance improvement.
Wilder, president of ClaimsCorp, has been in the industry for 30 years and has been a CIECA member through various organizations, most recently the last four years with ClaimsCorp. ClaimsCorp is data-based and works closely with many systems. “CIECA has been a mainstay standardization solution and we value standardization, consistency, security and reliability when it comes to data we handle and protect for our customers,” said Wilder. “CIECA has helped provide a more productive and reliable way to structure, process and map our customers’ data to drive value to their business and staff.” Wilder said that randomness breeds inaccuracy and inconsistency, and CIECA helps to reduce the impact of having too many ways to do the same thing. “CIECA helps attract data interfacing and integration among insurers, shops, supply chain and consumers,” he said. “The more that can be done to increase the number of securely integrated partners, the more we increase the number of solutions to help improve what’s available to help shop owners and operators run their businesses and drive improvements for the industry stakeholders and vehicle owners.”

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