AirPro files patent protection for digitized ADAS targets

The company utilizes cognitive augmented reality to present digitized calibration targets.

Airpro Cam Pic

AirPro Diagnostics announced that it has filed for patent protection on a new product which brings Cognitive Augmented Reality (C.A.R.) to present digitized calibration targets to vehicles requiring ADAS calibrations.

C.A.R. targets will reduce the expense to repair facilities and consumers in need of ADAS calibrations. The benefactors would include body shops, glass replacement facilities, vehicle auction houses, mechanical facilities, and all service verticals that may engage in ADAS and safety system calibrations.

The vehicle’s forward-facing camera would see the targets presented by the C.A.R. targets device which is mounted directly on the vehicle windshield. Additionally, the technology would augment the conditions and vehicle position to duplicate requirements by vehicle manufacturers. The capabilities of this technology would allow for calibrations to be performed anywhere on any surface and eliminate target sets and other tools, resulting in a simplification of the entire process while delivering time and financial savings. 

AirPro’s C.A.R. targets is being developed in conjunction with computer science engineers through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a consortium of leading universities including the University of Arizona, Texas Tech University and others.

“The researchers at the NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing at The University of Arizona are collaborating with the research and development team at AirPro Diagnostics on an innovative project to utilize Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and cognitive augmented reality to advance AirPro Diagnostics’ products and services, ” stated Professor Salim Hariri, co-director and professor of electrical and computer engineering department at The University of Arizona.

“C.A.R. targets is going to revolutionize the entire calibration sphere,” stated Lonnie Margol, CEO & president of AirPro Diagnostics. “This will make ADAS and safety system calibrations affordable and possible at any location equipped with AirPro and C.A.R. targets. And of course, our industry leading 10-minute response pledge to our valued customers will apply to C.A.R. target services as well.”

C.A.R. targets and AirPro Diagnostics services represent remote automotive diagnostics, programming, and calibration services. AirPro has a working model of C.A.R. targets, is performing testing, and is planning a fourth-quarter 2019 launch.

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